Story: Thanks to advances in technology like the Hubble Telescope, we can see deep into space and witness sights that were once unheard of. The level of detail and clarity can be awe inspiring, as we are shown distant planets, galaxies, and more, thanks to the incredible telescopes and engineers that bring that tech to life. In 400 Years of the Telescope, we are taken on a journey from the very start, then through the refinements and improvements that would follow, leading to some of the most breathtaking sights of the beautiful cosmos. But before we could see so much in such detail, the telescope had to come a long way and you’ll be able to follow that progression here.

Entertainment Value: As someone who loves the wonders of space and could look at astrophotography nonstop, I found this to be a fascinating viewing experience. This piece traces the entire history of telescopes back to their invention and then takes us through the Hubble Telescope era, quite a massive leap forward in the field, of course. I loved hearing about the early telescopes and the processes used to build and refine them, as well as learning more about what those early stargazers could see, even with their limited instruments. This runs about an hour, so there isn’t massive depth here, but I feel like a lot of ground is covered and given the runtime, a lot of information is packed in. A terrific overview of the amazing history behind the telescope that always interesting and well made, this documentary earns a solid recommendation.

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