Story: Arthur (Phillips Smalley) is an artist on his way up and while he has made inroads to success, he would like to take his art to the next level. While frequenting a cobbler for a shoe repair, he notices the man’s daughter (Lois Weber), who he thinks would make a fine model. Her conditions are rough in her current situation, so she accepts the work at his studio and is soon his new subject. But when the art projects turns romantic, how will things work out for the pair?

Entertainment Value: Fine Feathers runs about fifteen minutes and is an interesting piece, from both an artistic and a social commentary perspective. The story does a lot for such a limited time and as usual from Lois Weber, includes some social analysis, in this case she takes aim on class differences and how the classes are perceived. There is also time taken to examine the relationship between artist and subject, with attention even paid to how the images are used after the session. The film can’t devote a lot of time and depth of course, with such a short duration, but Fine Feathers is quite ambitious and well crafted, so it is certainly worthy of a strong recommendation.

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