Story: The secrets of cannabis are unleashed in Aphrodisiac, which presents itself as a documentary, but it is more of an adult film with some humorous dramatizations blended in. There is some factual data to be shared at times, but don’t tune in expecting facts and figures, as this is more about getting high and getting off. A brief history of cannabis and how it was outlawed after prohibition starts us off, then we’re shown some of the benefits of the magical plant, though the emphasis is of course on the sexual benefits from cannabis. An endless stream of orgasms and a never limp soldier are all promised and more, in these wacky vignettes.

Entertainment Value: I should start by saying that I do agree with the film’s claims of benefits, including sexual benefits to using cannabis, but of course, the movie amplifies those benefits to the point it becomes a little ridiculous. But Aphrodisiac’s heart is in the right place, so we can forgive the over the top the top enthusiasm, especially since it is often hilarious. The John Holmes segment is awkward and wooden and outrageously humorous, but that is just one of the goofy sequences presented as part of this weed fueled journey. On the street interviews provide insight from common folks, though you might recognize a face or two in those scenes. The film also shows us the various ways to consume the green stuff and much as I do, Aphrodisiac touts the edibles as the superior high, while also discussing the different ways to smoke and consume. I did appreciate when the movie provided real history on the plant, but the real focus is on the humorous sketches, over the top laughs, and of course, the more erotic scenes that are sprinkled throughout. If you appreciate outlandish mock documentaries or just love cannabis, give Aphrodisiac a spin.

This one has full on sex scenes on showcase, so you see it all and then some, racking up the full points in this section. At the same time, this is not one such scene after another, so don’t expect nonstop sleaze, as that isn’t the case either. But there are several sex scenes and yes, John Holmes’ massive member is given some screen time. These are all one on one sex scenes, with pretty basic content and not much kink, aside from the weed driving the lust. The sex scenes mostly have awkward, hilarious voice overs as well, but I will talk more about that in a bit. As far as blood, no such red stuff here, this is all about the green and there’s no horror or violent elements involved. The dialogue can be simply outlandish here. The voice overs are awkward and so over the top, especially when Holmes details how he was a sexual wimp before he starting smoking cannabis, which led to him having an enormous dong and improved stamina, though no scientific data was provided. There is little that feels natural or spontaneous about the weed voice overs, but they add so much entertainment here. As for overall craziness, we have the ridiculous voice overs and an offbeat sense of humor, but that’s about it.

Nudity: 10/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10