Story: Moe, Larry, and Shemp run a used chariot lot, where they try to pass off lemons as top of the line transportation. They even run a scam where one of them poses as a rival buyer, to drive up the prices even more, though they’re hapless enough that the plan often backfires. The latest visitor to their lot is talked into purchasing a real lemon, but what they don’t know is that this customer happens to the head of the palace guard. Now the trio are rounded up to face execution for ripping off the King’s guard, but can they bumble their way out of trouble once again?

Entertainment Value: I had a lot of fun with this short, which runs about sixteen minutes and flies by like a comedic breeze. The period setting is fun, as it adds some freshness to some of the material and the usual round of physical comedy bursts. We’ve seen the Stooges pull out a tooth the hard way before, for example, but at least seeing them try to perform dentistry on an ancient king mixes things up that little bit at least. I will say there aren’t any stand out, unique set pieces this time around, but there is a flow of consistent humor with minimal downtime, so there’s that. I think the fun costumes & sets, steady laughs, and Shemp as a mummy make this one worth a look.

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