Story: A new strain of weed has just hit the streets, known as Amityville Possession, because it was grown inside the infamous Amityville house. Once people find out the cannabis has a supernatural slant, it is bound to increase sales and turn the strain into a hit. But before the growers can get their product out for delivery, a rival gang storms the house and steals the harvest. Big M (Esau McKnight) keeps a close watch on his weed and when he learns someone is selling without permission, he takes action to teach a lesson to those who crossed him. While he sorts out the perils of dealing drugs, the new strain starts to get around and the results are quite memorable. Whoever smokes the weed not only gets high, they get possessed and as more people toke up, can anyone stop the spread of yet another evil from the Amityville house?

Entertainment Value: Now this is a premise worth revisiting Amityville for, as haunted weed is certainly a fun concept. At this point, the Amityville series, which is of course not a true franchise in the usual sense, has dozens of entries. A wild premise helps Amityville in the Hood stand out from some its peers in the Amityville sphere, but I wish it would have stayed focused on the cannabis, rather than some of the crime themed threads here. The crime element isn’t nearly as entertaining, so I wish more time was devoted to the possessed weed storyline and of course, I wouldn’t have minded a more over the top approach to the entire picture. The pace slows at times, so even with a brisk seventy minute run time, things can drag a little, thanks to some of the choices made. The movie opts to run a number of long, rather dull dialogue driven scenes that fall flat, whereas the horror elements take a backseat, even though that is where the film finds more entertainment. In the end, this is in line with my expectations, a low rent, but sometimes fun b movie.

No nakedness, but there a couple of interesting sexual elements. This includes a pep talk during a blowjob, as well as some light S&M in a brief, but humorous sequence. The blood is limited to a zombie attack, a heart removal, some splashy gunshot wounds, and a messy eye gouge assault. The dialogue has some moments, as a few cast members roll with the b movie vibes and take things up a notch. So we have some one liners and decently fun banter, though I still think a more dialed up take would have worked wonders here. Even so, when the conversations aren’t the long, drawn out ones, some fun jokes and humorous moments come through. As for craziness, we have reused footage from other films, a clown with a shotgun, a dom dressed like a naked Hamburglar, and two absolutely hilarious, awful rap songs that bookend the picture.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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