Story: After an absence of over a decade, the Jackass crew returns for one last ride, at least the last one with the original cast members. Jackass Forever follows in the pattern of the previous films and the Jackass television show, so there’s not much of a narrative, just a series of skits and stunts presented in a collage of pain and questionable decisions. The Jackass crew might be older and more broken down this time around, but everyone rises to the challenge and delivers all you could ask and more. So no, the stunts haven’t been watered down and the new faces don’t carry the tough stunts, meaning this is classic Jackass style mayhem.

Entertainment Value: As someone who appreciates the Jackass content, I am biased, as I knew this would fun and it was. The Jackass crew has been consistent since the original television episodes, so while this style of humor or performance isn’t for everyone, these folks don’t phone it in and even in middle age, that trend continues in Jackass Forever. The list of injuries sustained in the production is extensive and you can tell why, as there are some wild stunts involved, some of which would have taken a toll twenty years ago on the performers, let alone at the age they are here. The group revisits some classics to give them one last, fresh spin, but most of the skits are new and some are very creative, as you’d expect from the Jackass crew. As in previous projects, there is a mix of comedy, absurd skits, pain endurance, and daredevil stunts, so whichever brand of Jackass action you prefer, Jackass Forever delivers and not in small doses.

As the original Jackass performers have crossed middle age, it is no surprise to see some new, fresh faces involved here. I wasn’t disappointed with the younger performers at all, as they stepped up and held their own, though I wish Rachel Wolfson was given more to do. Perhaps in the inevitable extended version, we will see more from Wolfson and the other new faces involved. As for the originals, this one is carried by “Danger” Ehren McGhehey, who takes on a large number of the stunts and that includes some of the craziest ones. He gets his crotch jumped on a pogo stick, endures a bear attack, and goes through all kinds of other pain and suffering, so he outshines his peers often here, since he is in the wildest scenes and some of the most memorable stunts. But everyone is up to task here, with Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville pulling off some impressive daredevil sequences, while Chris Pontius shows off his assets in new and creative ways. I had a blast with Jackass Forever and if you have even a casual interest in this franchise, this is highly recommended.

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