Story: Mike (Lorenzo Lamas) is a former cop who has settled in Puerto Rico, where he oversees a bar owned by his former partner, Eddie (Frank Vincent). After Eddie introduces him to local crime boss Carlos (Philip Anthony), Mike finds himself in an awkward situation, as Carlos asks for his help with a delicate matter related to an impending divorce. In order to protect his wealth and holdings, Carlos needs a cause to deny his wife her rightful share, so he offers Mike a large sum of cash if he will seduce her, opening the door for Carlos to retain all of his assets in the split. At first he hesitates, but his cashflow problems prompt him to reconsider and he begins his seduction of Renee (Brenda Strong), Carlos’ wife. But is this strange situation even more strange than dangerous than it seems?

Entertainment Value: This is a cheese soaked blend of action and erotic thriller, with b movie veteran Lorenzo Lamas as our lead. The narrative is passable, as it has the basics in place, but it goes off the rails at times with hokey plot elements and hilarious dialogue. When the premise is as silly as this one though, it all works out for the best, as serious, dramatic elements were never going to be the focus of a movie like Undercurrent. Lamas is often wooden, then over the top, with no real rhyme or reason for the shifts, but it is humorous to watch. He is supposed to be a slick ladies man, but he seems awkward and clumsy, which again, adds to the b movie vibes. Brenda Strong, who played Sue Ellen Mishker on Seinfeld, is his love interest and she is solid here, even if she and Lamas don’t exactly burn up the screen. The erotic thriller elements here range from dull to awkward, none really spark much heat and in general, they’re more ridiculous than sensual. The action side works better, with some moderate doses of action that spice up the experience. Undercurrent has a lot of b movie appeal and at the end of the day, is a fun movie to watch, so it picks up a recommendation.

This is an erotic thriller, so no surprise to see some sex scenes, including about half a dozen or so topless moments. As I mentioned, most of the sex scenes are not erotic in the least and in most cases, more humorous than anything else. That’s not to say the scenes aren’t fun to look at, just don’t expect highly charged erotica here. There are a number of sex scenes on hand, but the most memorable is a hilarious scene where Frank Vincent, aka Phil Leotardo, gets some cowgirl action. Not much blood to discuss, though we do have some shootouts with light red stuff. The action tends to be less graphic in terms of violence, however. The dialogue is one area where Undercurrent shines, as there are a host of just head scratching lines in this one. Lamas delivers a number of awkward, poorly written, but hilarious one liners and zingers, including one very quotable line while he attends a cockfight. Lots of bad, but fun lines are sprinkled throughout, so some solid points in this department. As for general craziness, the b movie vibes, Lamas’ outlandish performance, and the flat sex scenes warrant a mention, but the snow cone date was a personal highlight for me.

Nudity: 6/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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