Story: As some hayseeds stumble around the woods, hoping to run into a deer, they decide to take a break from the hunt. The three hunters spark up a joint to relax and refocus, but since the weed was radioactive, things take an undead turn. That means once someone gets high on this strain of sweet, sweet cannabis, they are soon transformed into zombies. The kind of zombies with green skin of course, but stilll…zombies. Can the spread of this undead plague be stopped or is the weed just too good to pass on, even with the horrific side effects?

Entertainment Value: Pot Zombies is a low-fi, high enthusiasm b movie that is right at home with Troma’s style of cinema, complete with Lloyd Kaufman as an outlandish pizza delivery driver. I wouldn’t rank this with Troma’s upper tiers from their archives, but the vibe is similar and I have to think if you appreciate the humor and DIY nature of Troma’s better known productions, you’ll have some fun with Pot Zombies. I think the decision to make this is a short, brisk fifty-four minutes as a wise one, as even when the jokes don’t land, the pace is quick enough that we’ve moved on to the next scene soon. I also think a longer runtime would have stretched this way too thin, as even at under an hour, there isn’t much story, just a lot of weed, zombies, and bad jokes. The tone is silly, random, and over the top, with a cast that runs with the concept and dials up the campiness. I was entertained here and while I am biased as a weed and Troma enthusiast, I think it is worth a spin for genre fans.

The sleaze here is limited, with a couple of topless scenes and a naked, masked man. But there is a zombie crotch munching scene, so don’t discount that. There is bloodshed as well, the kind of low rent blood and gore that Troma fans look forward to, though some here is a really bad visual effects, instead of rubber limbs and squirting tubes. Even so, we also have highlights like amateur heart surgery, back trauma, gut munching, some spurting wounds sprinkled throughout, and of course, several zombie attacks with some red stuff flowing. The green makeup is worth a mention too, another fun absurd touch in Pot Zombies. The dialogue is mostly bad jokes and one liners, which some will groan at, but it think were fun and in line with the rest of the production. When the jokes fall flat, its humorous and when they land, its humorous, so I can’t complain much here. As for overall craziness, we have Lloyd Kaufman as a pizza man who seems to be having a total mental breakdown, which is hilarious and easily a highlight of Pot Zombies. There’s also the wacky performances, b movie vibes, and a drug trip that is ridiculous and really punches things at the right time.

Nudity: 3/10

Blood: 5/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 4/10

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