Story: Kevin Nash had to go through several gimmicks and companies to carve out his place in pro wrestling, but once he was on top, he remained there until his retirement. As Diesel, he was brought in as Shawn Michaels’ bodyguard turned WWF Champion, then his career really skyrocketed when he headed to WCW. Nash and Scott Hall would “invade” WCW as The Outsiders and when Hulk Hogan joined them, it sparked a nuclear hot run for the entire industry. Nash would be one of the original members of the new World order, the faction that would not only ignite a spike in the business, but enable WCW to dominate WWF for years, an unheard of feat. Nash would also end the streak of Bill Goldberg, though that wasn’t a widely loved choice. Nash was on top when the business was white hot and with his experience as both a performer and booker during WCW’s rise and fall, he is a great choice for a guest on YouShoot.

Entertainment Value: The YouShoot series brought a fresh spin to the shoot interview concept, as all of the questions came directly from the fans and viewers. Via email, social media, or videos, fans could ask any question, with no real boundaries and the YouShoot pledge promised that the guests would answer even the wildest inquiries. Kevin Nash is an ideal YouShoot guest, as he is so relaxed and chill, with no real bitterness and he comes off as a fairly honest participant. Sean Oliver hosts as always and has a great back and forth with Nash, which not only helps the interview flow, but their banter adds some extra humor into the interview. Oliver is great about knowing when to step in and guide or when to back off and let things happen, hopefully we haven’t seen the last of his interviews. Nash covers a little about how he got started, but soon after, the interview goes into the usual YouShoot territories and that’s when the session starts to shine.

I should mention, Nash is visibly buzzed from the start of the interview, but he isn’t a mess at all, just some slower thoughts and slurred words. I think the buzz adds to the interview, as Nash is chill and in a great mood, showing his sense of humor and laid back nature, though he does ramp up at times when a few topics arise. In other words, this isn’t one of the shoots where the subject is out of control or can’t be coherent, Nash just has a little buzz and it has no negative impact on his answers. Nash covers the seedier elements of the business, from rats to booze to drugs to partying, but he also discusses his acting career, road stories, drama with other workers, and a host of other topics, while the usual YouShoot special segments are here as well. I found Nash to be a lot of fun to watch, as he typically is in these interviews and he provides a substantial, informative, and sometimes hilarious YouShoot episode that fans won’t want to miss.

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