Story: William (David Dietz) has had some recent relationship issues, so like many people, he ventures to a bar to drink his sorrows. He strikes up a conversation with friendly barkeep Joe (Daniel I. Radakovich) and explains his woes, as his ex girlfriend has not only broken his heart, but vowed to kill him as well. He seems to be taking the threat seriously, as he has been on the run from his ex, who always seems to find him, he admits. As he weaves his story for Joe, he begins to plead for help and clashes with some locals, all while hoping his ex doesn’t walk through the door…

Entertainment Value: Indemnity is an ultra low budget production, with visuals that often look like a Sega CD live action cutscene, which I appreciated. The movie runs under an hour and that’s good news, as there is much of a narrative here and the film is essentially a conversation between William and Joe, with a few side moments that also happen inside the bar. So not much happens and the filmmakers take a very serious approach to the material, so it is an odd experience, one that had a lot of unintentional humor, at least for me. That is a positive however, as I love b movie vibes and you can definitely find some of those vibes here, just not always enough. The awkward conversations, put on tough guy act from William, and David Dietz’ performance in general earn some fun points here, but even so, this is more of a genre curio, rather than a must see. But don’t forget to take a few seconds to really appreciate the awful, wonderful country music soundtrack.

David Dietz must have been a driven person, as he happens to be the writer, director, producer, camera & electric, cinematographer, casting director, and of course, lead performer. When movies are one person centric like this, it usually spells cinematic magic and this isn’t a cult classic, Indemnity has some hilarious and awkward moments, so there’s that. Dietz plays the entire production in a serious tone, which doesn’t work really, since things are so stilted and forced. No one is buying Dietz as this tough as nails drifter with a dark past, so it feels like a cosplayer strolled into the bar and unrolled his Dungeons & Dragons character as his real life persona. But he is fun to watch, with his volume control issues and random shouting bursts. The cast also includes Crystalann Jones, Daniel I. Radakovich, Seth James, and Craig J. Stephenson.

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