Story: Laura (Meredith Thomas) has a lot of plates spinning in her life, as she is going through a divorce, starting a new business with a friend, and her daughter is beginning college, though her ex Michael (Clark Moore) hasn’t given up on their marriage. But he was a controlling and aggressive partner, so Laura has resolved to end things, regardless of what Michael says or thinks. While she has a lot going on, she also misses having a companion, so after some pressure from her friend and her daughter, she creates a profile on a popular dating app. She is surprised to receive a lot of responses, though only one, a man named Kevin (Matthew Pohlkamp) stands out. Before she can talk with him however, she deleted the app and moves on, at least until Kevin is able to find her online. Is Kevin just a persistent guy who was taken with Laura, or does he have a darker plan in mind?

Entertainment Value: This is yet another fun, over the top Lifetime thriller from “The Wrong” series and yes, Vivica A. Fox is here to remind us of the movie’s title, in dramatic fashion. That is always a highlight with this series, which has a number of running threads, from David DeCoteau’s direction to the recurring cast members to Fox’s authority figure presence. I love the little connections and honestly, this is easily the most fun Lifetime franchise and it seems to widen the margin with each new installment. DeCoteau’s experience in the b movie world is a likely driver for why these work so well, as he keeps the pace brisk and the tone dramatic, which adds immense entertainment value. In this case, we have a good story that provides some nice twists and a game cast that embraces the melodrama, giving us a fun ride that never drags in the least. There is drama, dysfunction, betrayal, and red flag ignoring, in other words, all the wild elements I look for in these Lifetime thrillers. I had a great time with The Wrong Blind Date and I’d recommend it to anyone interested.

As usual for this series, Vivica A. Fox is here as a voice of reason in the eye of the melodrama, as well as to deliver the titular line in wonderful, dramatic style. The lead here is Meredith Thomas, a familiar face to Lifetime fans and while she is often the best friend or a work colleague in these movies, here she was given a chance to be front and center. I think she does a terrific job and brings a lot of energy to the role of Laura. She seems get the Lifetime thriller concept and since she has been in so many, she is a welcome presence for fans. I always look for her in “The Wrong” series and she has been consistently good, so it is no surprise she pulls off the lead role in this one. The material lets her dial up at times, which she does well and to me, she is a just performer to watch. I hope to see Thomas back in more Lifetime thrillers soon, but I especially want to see her as the villain at some point. The cast also includes Lesli Kay, Matthew Pohlkamp, and Clark Moore.

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