Story: In 1992, Jack Deth (Tim Thomerson) is working as a private investigator and trying to salvage his marriage, but his current problems will soon be in the past, literally. This is because he is visited by Shark (R.A. Mihailoff), a cutting edge cyborg who can wreck anyone in his path and while he doesn’t want to wreck Jack, he does need him to cooperate. Soon enough, Jack is hundreds of years in the future, where he learns that things have gone off the rails and if he doesn’t stop a trancers program before it starts, it could spell curtains for the world of the future. So he is once again thrown through time and space, to land in the mid 2000s to take aim on Colonel Daddy Muthuh (Andrew Robinson), who is running a trancers factory, more or less. Can Jack once again save the world and keep his marriage intact, or is this the last stand of Jack Deth?

Entertainment Value: This third Trancers movie continues an unfortunate downward slide, from the first movie’s solid fun to a mediocre, drawn out bore we have here. I am a big fan of Tim Thomerson and I feel he can turn around a lot of otherwise dull pictures, but he can only do so much, even with a fun new sidekick like Shark. I wish the entire narrative here centered on Jack and Shark, as that might have more entertaining than this meandering experience, which has small sparks of what Trancers fun, but can never string them together to create a flow. The story is fine, Jack going up against another trancer creating villain, but there is no style or substance here really, as the script doesn’t offer much and the filmmakers seem content to let it flounder. Trancers was fun to me because of the sense of humor and the b movie charm, which that film embraced. Trancers III is more basic and just trudges forward, hoping Thomerson can carry the picture and while he tries, there’s just not enough here. I really wanted to like Trancers III, but I was just bored with his one.

As I’ve said a couple times now, Tim Thomerson is a performer I always look forward to and even in the lowest budget productions, he seems to put in effort. That is certainly true for Trancers III, as he brings some energy to his return as Jack Deth, but the movie just kind of lets him exist and doesn’t do much to support him. He shows the same charm and sense of humor as in the previous movies, but here no one plays off him that well and that’s on the script, which is inconsistent and to me, ignores what made the first movie a fun watch. But Thomerson does what he can and still entertains at times, so for fans of his work, there are some positives here. Helen Hunt returns once again, but her role is much smaller this time, which is a shame since she and Thomerson seemed to have good chemistry on screen. The cast also includes Andrew Robinson, Telma Hopkins, and Megan Ward.

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