Story: Queen Samara (Jany Clair) has sold out her people and broken under the pressure of an invading alien force, aligning with the cosmic outsiders. Although her city of Samar had been under demands from the aliens and even though she held strong for a while, now she makes a pact with the aliens to help in their global conquest. In return for her service, Samara will be made the most powerful woman on the entire planet, no small payment. But not all hope is lost, as Hercules (Alan Steel) has shown up and plans to get involved. But can even a goliath of a man like Hercules stand up to not only the Queen, but an alien armada?

Entertainment Value: While some films boast wild titles, then fail to deliver on the premise, Hercules Against the Moon Men does indeed come through, so we get to watch as Hercules clashes with some outlandish alien enemies. The concept is fun and while the movie is inconsistent, there is some fun stuff here and some cool set pieces. The story is of course ridiculous and over the top, which is only made more outlandish by the film’s special effects. I love this kind of low-fi effects work, it looks cheap, but creative and just has a certain artistry that I appreciate. The trap scene where Hercules has to fend off the collapsing jaws of a lethal snare is an example of this, as the visuals look low rent, but fun, especially the trap itself. But the real draw effects wise has to be the aliens and other creatures, all of which look so cool and campy, with the aliens as a highlight. The finale is frantic and convoluted, but overall, this was a fun, silly romp with some real b movie charm.

Our hero Hercules is played by Alan Steel, aka Sergio Ciani, who was a veteran of these sword & sandal movies and had been Hercules a number of times previous to this. He has the look for sure, as he is ripped and is a more than convincing strongman. The action scenes are a breeze and even when he is doing something like picking up living rock men to hurl, his strong presence ensures that is seems almost believable. The look alone is enough to buy into Steel as Hercules, but he has good screen presence too and some charisma. If you’re looking for other sword & sandal b movies to check out, Steel’s resume is a good place to start, as he was in some quite fun ones. The cast also includes Jany Clair, Nando Tamberlani, and Goffredo Unger.

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