Story: A sex worker has been killing some of her clients, as two men have turned up dead in the wake of their secret trysts. The men even finished the act after death, as the killer was still riding cowgirl even after the crime was committed. A detective known as Peck (Chelsea Field) has been placed in charge of the investigation, which she requested, but was surprised when it was granted. Her boyfriend David (Steven Bauer) happens to be a psychologist, so she works with him to develop patterns and a profile, to crack the case before victims are found. David has his other patients to focus on however, such as Felicity (Pamela Anderson) who is having some vicious nightmares that have her shaken up. As she opens up, it becomes clear her nightmares are similar to the recent murders, but is it all in her head or is there a darker connection?

Entertainment Value: If you like erotic thrillers, but dislike thrills, twists, and turns, then Snapdragon might be right on the mark. The narrative here is convoluted and quite dull, unable to gain steam even in the final stretch. Instead of a roller coaster ride, this movie rolls like a rusty, weighed down wagon with a bad wheel, hobbling between mechanical sex scenes. A pattern emerges of a few scenes of lackluster drama and exposition, followed by a sex scene and as I mentioned, there isn’t much passion burning on screen. Most of the sex presents as basic and safe, just a topless woman and a fully covered man, with little to be seen. I’m not sure why Snapdragon plays it safe with the sleaze, as this is certainly designed as an erotic thriller, unless the star power of Pamela Anderson was expected to be enough. To be fair, if you just want light, non graphic sex scenes, Snapdragon has quite a few, so there is some skin, just not to the level some might expect. But regardless of that, the movie overall is slow and dull, with none of the thrills and twists the genre is known for.

I suppose the lure of Pamela Anderson might have been enough to bring in video store browsers, as she had found some fame at this point, just not her apex level. Her performance is wooden and she seems disinterested in many scenes, so there isn’t much energy here, which again, brings the already boring material down a notch. She picks it up in a few scenes toward the end, but for most of the movie, she seems bored and checked out. I suppose that does lead to some unintentional humor, but not often enough to overlook the performance. Matt “Fake Mahoney” McCoy is also here in a solid effort, but he isn’t given much to do, much like most of the cast. The cast also includes Steven Bauer, Rance Howard, Chelsea Field, and Kennth Tigar.

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