Story: Emily (Mariah Robinson) has always been kind of an introvert, focused on her studies and her future, especially after the death of her father. Her mom Ashley (Arie Thompson) encourages her to be more social and open to experiences, while her bestie Michelle (Jacqi Vene) also tries to bring out her more outgoing side, with limited success. But that changes when she meets David (Evan Adams),a fellow student who takes an interest in her and soon enough, she invites him to her birthday party, to the shock of those around her. David lavishes attention and affection on her, which she appreciates, though it can be a lot to handle sometimes. When she needs a little space, David responds poorly, but is he just going through some stuff or is he more obsessed than she suspects?

Entertainment Value: This is another wild, dysfunctional, and super fun Lifetime thriller, but at this point, that is no surprise, as “The Wrong” series has been proven to be a gold mine, especially to those who prefer this more dramatic, dialed up approach. In this one, we have a solid story that unravels out of control into over the top situation, so the core premise of an obsessed romance is right on the mark for these Lifetime thrillers. The Wrong Valentine doesn’t operate in the shadows either, it lets you know right off that the villain is unstable and then just unrolls a series of red flags and creepy moments, so we can hope our lead will decipher the signals in time. The tone here is over the top from the start and just keeps getting wilder as the story progresses, though the massive, gilded mansion might be the wildest part of the entire production. I was floored by this house, it grabs your attention even when hostage situations arise, a true compliment. The Wrong Valentine is a melodramatic roller coaster ride, another fun, brisk thriller from Lifetime’s best franchise.

I know this is an important detail that fans will want to know, so yes, Vivica A. Fox is here as a bad ass authority figure and yes, she says the title of the film in dramatic fashion. I couldn’t be happier about both of those inclusions here, as seeing Fox in these “The Wrong” movies is always fun, especially when she has a grand delivery of the movie’s title. I found a lot of the performances here to be quite fun to watch, even outside the leads. Arie Thompson is good as the overenthusiastic mom, bringing bursts of energy and humorous moments to the picture. I appreciated seeing an optimistic, positive, and fun mom character, as you don’t see that often in these Lifetime thrillers. Evan Adams is our villain and he isn’t believable as a psycho, but he tries and he is fun to watch. I think he puts in a lot of energy and effort, which yields an over the top, b movie type turn that I think helped further dial up the drama here. The cast also includes Meredith Thomas, Jacqi Vene, and Mariah Robinson.

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