Story: A thousand years have passed since the planet Earth was rendered uninhabitable, after aliens extracted all the resources and left the world a barren husk. As the world collapsed, someone was able to escape from a high security lab prison and board a rocket off world, then traveled all the way to Mars, where they’ve been for a thousand years. Who escaped? A Chinese clone of former president Donald Trump, who after one thousand years alone on the red planet, finds himself targeted by Alistair Crowley and The Illuminati. Crowley has aligned with the god Anubis and plots rampant destruction, all in the name of Lucifer, of course. But when an Atlantean insurgent force arrives to back him up, can Trump win a space showdown against The Illuminati?

Entertainment Value: A title like Trump vs. The Illuminati would seem to suggest a wild, absurd kind of experience, but this oddball animated feature is much weirder than the title alone suggests. The premise is as advertised, with a Chinese clone of Trump drafted into a showdown with The Illuminati, but the movie isn’t always super buck wild. After a fun start that establishes the core concept, the pace slows somewhat for a while and exposition takes the reins, but soon enough, a series of inexplicable events begin to unfold. The Trump gimmick is ever present, but not taken advantage of enough, as that aspect could have been much more unhinged. Though as the clone reminds everyone, he isn’t The Donald, he is A Donald. So even at under 70 minutes, Trump vs. The Illuminati has some pacing issues and could have been tighter and crazier.

While the pace is on the slow side for considerable stretches of the film, as the conclusion looms, the final act raises the stakes and goes for broke. As if Trump vs. Alastair Crowley in space wasn’t wacky enough, this movie also brings in armies of Atlantis, a wheelchair bound Lucifer, a werewolf, a talking alligator, a pumpkin head creature of some kind, the Egyptian god Anubis, and of course, Van Helsing, plus even more off the wall characters. This mostly unfolds in the final act, but once the movie goes full speed ahead, it is much more fun and enjoyable to watch. I suppose your appreciation for low rent, video game cut scene style animation might dictate how enjoyable the visuals are, as this seems like it was put together in a game maker, with various default graphic elements. So this isn’t a visual masterpiece or even a good movie, but it is an interesting curio and for those interested in very odd, outsider cinema, Trump vs. The Illuminati could provide some laughs.

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