Story: The streets of St. Louis are under siege, but police seem to be stalled out, as a series of brutal murders seems like it will never end. As law enforcement struggles to keep up, Eric Stern (Barron Winchester) oversees his own private militia of vigilantes, hand picked mercenaries to clean up the streets and enforce Stern’s vision of what St. Louis should be. He and a group of Vietnam veterans are displeased with the direction of society in general, so they hire out these street soldiers to carry out their will, but their last selection is proving to be a concern. Charlie (Nick Panouzis) has the right background, but he suffers from intense post traumatic stress disorder and instead of targeting criminals, he is killing innocent women. As things continue to spiral out of control, can Stern rein in Charlie before its too late or will the cops finally bring down the entire operation?

Entertainment Value: Delirium is quite a ride, the end result of an unfinished thriller’s footage being combined with a newly produced serial killer narrative, all of which is wild and makes for a memorable viewing experience. The approach might sound odd, but the two sources are sewn together well and provide a patchwork, but effective feature. The narrative is passable, but Delirium is all about Barron Winchester, the bald bad ass who runs the vigilante operation and shows no mercy to those who stand in his path. I wish Winchester was in every scene, as he is so perfect for this role and his over the top effort distracts us from the film’s lesser aspects. I can’t imagine anyone coming here for an airtight story, but if you do, you’ll be quite shocked. There is not a lot of logic or attention to detail, but that’s part of the fun, at least in my opinion. Who cares about plot when Barron Winchester is running around in his zookeeper uniform, yelling at everyone and waving guns around, right? I found Delirium to be a wild, sometimes inexplicable cinematic experience, one that has action, horror, and the kind of cruel villain other films could only dream of.

On the nakedness front, Delirium delivers a few topless scenes and even a skinny dipping session, though that doesn’t turn out so well. Then again, does anything in this movie turn out well for anyone? You can also check out a hitchhiker in some truly 70s style cut off shorts, so there’s that. There is violence on tap of course, with perhaps the most memorable instance being a wild, frantic meat cleaver assault that looks hectic and allows for a good flow of the red stuff. Also present is some war related viscera, a nasty gut shot from a shotgun, an impalement that is given multiple screen runs, a pitchfork to the neck, and a good deal of splashy, blood soaked gunshots during the numerous shootouts. The dialogue is not that memorable overall, but we have some cop talk, tough guy banter, and of course, rampant shouting from our hero Barron Winchester. The craziness scale benefits greatly from Winchester and Nick Panouzis, who shine in outlandish performances that really deliver the entertainment. We also have exploding cars, grand theft auto, some wild logic leaps, and of course, a tense massage. But let me recap, Winchester and Panouzis alone would move the needle quite a bit here.

Nudity: 3/10

Blood: 5/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 6/10

The Disc: Never given an official disc release before, Severin Films steps in to bring Delirium to the masses with a brand new visual treatment, sourced from the only known 35mm print. The movie looks quite good and while the print is a little worn at times, none of the issues are serious at all and I was impressed by this presentation. I also think the detail and depth are good, so while the source element limited this restoration somewhat, Severin has given us a terrific overall treatment and I have to think fans will be thrilled. The extras include a twenty minute interview with director Peter Maris, a seventeen minute sit down with special effects artist Bob Shelley, and the film’s trailer.

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