Story: The Sandman was by no means a traditional presence in wrestling and wasn’t known for his heel hooks and hammer locks, but he knew how to get over and his Enter Sandman entrance is the stuff of legends, without question. He would be one of ECW’s all time biggest stars and work in both WWE and WCW, so he had a remarkable career. But no matter where he went, he would be forever remembered for his rise to stardom in ECW and in 1995, he was the champion and at the top of the cards, embroiled in feuds and programs with other top ECW talent. In this episode of Timeline, Sandman tries to remember what he can about this era of ECW.

Entertainment Value: I suppose it was inevitable that The Sandman host an episode of Timeline, The History of ECW and since he was on top in 1995, he should have a lot of interesting, first hand stories and memories of this time period. Of course, this is Sandman and as such, he does indeed have some stories, but they’re often tangents and not often related to the topic at hand. Some questions are met with blank looks or admissions that he doesn’t remember, so some even high interest issues get glossed over or skipped entirely. There is a very humorous compilation after the main interview, showing us a reel of some of Sandman’s “I don’t remember” moments and some are total blanks, though his reaction to Chad Austin is hilarious. The end result is that no, Sandman doesn’t provide an exhaustive dive into the year’s events, though there is still ample curio value here, I think.

There is a kind of train wreck appeal to this episode of Timeline, with Sandman looking like he just went 12 rounds with Mike Tyson, one of his children running wild around the interview set, and Sandman’s inability to recall much about 1995 at all. He did? That happened? That’s how it happened? All these and more are responses from Sandman and he even refuses to answer one question because he feels like host Sean Oliver is deposing him. Oliver is a good host as always, but I wish he could have brought more focus to the interview, though with Sandman, that’s a tall order. What we do have here is a collection of some ECW stories and memories from around 1995, so those who can’t get enough ECW content will find some segments to like. I think my favorite moment was when Sandman, who was ECW Champion at the time, asks if he was even working in ECW in 1995. This isn’t the historic deep dive Timeline fans might have wanted, but there is some information and entertainment here.

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