Story: While she was able to survive the Corona zombies by staying in lockdown, Barbie (Cody Renee Cameron) is still bored in isolation, even with ample toilet paper available. But now she has a little company, as her bestie Kendra (Robin Sydney) has come over to spend some quality time, which means a trash television marathon, of course. The two are obsessed with Joe Exotic and when a movie comes on that details the colorful animal wrangler’s childhood, they couldn’t be more excited. But while the movie is a fun escape, the Corona zombies still linger…

Entertainment Value: This is a sequel to Full Moon’s Corona Zombies, a controversial quarantine project that repurposed footage from other movies into a pandemic cinematic adventure, an approach that has been repeated here. This time around, we have Barbie and Kendra focused not on the virus itself, but another pandemic staple, Joe Exotic. The movie follows the same formula as Corona Zombies, with some new scenes filmed to wrap around the recycled footage, which has been redubbed in an outlandish fashion. The movies here are Luana, the Girl Tarzan and Terror in the Jungle, while a brief clip from Robot Wars is also put to use. I have to admit, the filmmakers cobbled together a coherent patchwork once again, a ridiculous one of course, but that’s good news.

The new dialogue is sometimes random, sometimes nonsensical, but it is more often than not fun to listen to. I can see why this format didn’t work for some viewers, but redubbing old movies is not a new practice and I found the humor here to be funnier than the Rifftrax style releases, so I had fun and I think there’s solid entertainment here. Leslie Jordan, another pandemic star, is the voice of young Joe Exotic and he is hilarious at times. He nails the voice and accent, while his comments never cease to make me laugh, even the small interjections can lead to big laughs here. The new footage with Robin Sydney and Cody Renee Cameron is passable and the interview with John Reinke was a nice touch, but it is the over the top, outrageous new dialogue that drives this one. I had fun here and I think this is worth a look even if just for Jordan’s performance as young Joe Exotic.

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