Story: As the coronavirus pandemic spreads across the world, Barbie (Cody Renee Cameron) finds herself isolating alone, aside from her phone, of course. She and her bestie Kendra (Robin Sydney) begin to discuss the raging virus and in specific, Barbie’s lack of toilet paper and the shortages going on all over the United States in regard to bathroom tissue. But Donald Trump is on the case and dispatched his Corona Squad to take down a warlord that happens to be hoarding toilet paper that needs to be liberated for the people. Will the squad succeed? Will the corona zombies overtake the world? And will Barbie find her toilet paper?

Entertainment Value: Full Moon really kicked a hornet’s nest when they released Corona Zombies, a patchwork, improvised remix of horror movies Zombies vs. Strippers and Hell of the Living Dead, as well as some newly shot footage from Charles Band. A lot of horror writers and fans claimed this was a case of opportunism and an attempt to cash in on the pandemic, while others found the movie humorous and not out of line for a genre that uses all kind of controversial real life events as inspiration. Is it such a jump from serial killers and true crime to a global pandemic? To me, this was no surprise and while it might have been in bad taste, Full Moon is no stranger to bad taste. And since Corona Zombies spawned two pseudo sequels, I don’t think the controversy hurt Full Moon much.

Corona Zombies runs just over an hour in length, but the vast majority of the film’s run time is footage from other movies. The bulk of the footage comes from Hell of the Living Dead, with the zombie scenes used to bring the toilet paper saga narrative to life, while Zombies vs. Strippers sequences are used to show the dangers of not avoiding crowds and washing your hands. All of the footage from the other movies has been redubbed to add improvised, mostly ridiculous lines that further the pandemic storylines of Corona Zombies. The writing is childish, sometimes offensive, and always low brow, so your enjoyment will depend on your appreciation of cheap jokes, random one liners, or the general wackiness of this kind of project. The new footage is very minimal and focuses mostly on brief, infrequent verbal exchanges between Barbie and Kendra. I had fun with Corona Zombies and while some humor fell flat, enough of this entertains to make a recommendation.

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