Story: In an effort to get a fresh start of sorts after the tragic loss of their baby, Lori (Dana Davis) and her husband Grant (Jesse Ruda) have relocated to the suburbs. The homes are impressive, the yards are green, and the neighbors are friendly and in their neighborhood, every is especially friendly, as the couple soon discovers. Soon after moving in, they’re approached about being part of a club in the subdivision, meeting with other couples for evenings of fun and frolic. Jesse thinks swinging might help them move on and reignite some spark in their marriage, but Lori isn’t so sure, though she eventually comes around to the idea. So the two attend a key party and share a night of passion with a new lover, which happens to be neighborhood stud Noah (James Williams O’Halloran) in Lori’s case. Things after the swap seem to be going well, until Noah starts to show signs that perhaps one night with Lori wasn’t enough to keep him satisfied…

Entertainment Value: The suburbs are always a risky place in these Lifetime thrillers, with their slick veneers hiding all manner of sin and vices. The narrative here is a solid one, it has a good premise and plays out mostly how you’d expect, especially if you’re a Lifetime thriller veteran. So the usual formula is in action for Suburban Swingers Club, though this one does have a little more spice and mature talk, so it stands out a little on that front. The movie has some over the top elements, such as some of the twists and turns involved, but it keeps a balance and stays grounded as well. This is evident with the sexual threads for sure, as the lead up and aftermath of the swingers meet were handled in serious, down to earth fashion. So I would call this a happy medium between the grounded drama/mysteries and the wild psycho thrillers, with enough of each to satisfy both crowds. Unless you’re Noah and in that case, no one film could sate your appetites anyway, right? The pace is brisk and there is ample drama and twists, so I think Suburban Swingers Club is well worth a look.

The cast here is fun to watch and most embrace the Lifetime vibes, so the performances dial up a little, though not to full volume. Dana Davis has the lead and she is good, in a grounded, but energetic effort as the object of obsession. I appreciated that the script doesn’t make her oblivious, but more natural, so a few red flags missed makes sense. Davis is believable and knows when to ramp up a little, while staying in a sympathetic zone at the same time. James William O’Halloran is our stalker and he is one of the campier elements here, between the never present shirts and his over the top performance, which is a lot of fun to watch here. He has that creep vibe down quite well, while Elizabeth Leiner is also memorable as the put upon wife of the stalker. I was impressed by Leiner in this one, as she makes the most of her limited screen time and delivers a memorable turn. The cast also includes Jesse Ruda, Leigh-Ann Rose, and Nawal Bengholam.

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