Story: The Timeline series was one of Kayfabe Commentaries’ attempts to reinvent the shoot interview format, focusing on a single year in a company’s history. This in depth look inside a year’s programs and new stories would be hosted by Sean Oliver, who would interview various top workers who were involved in the storylines of that time period. So you could listen to one of the top cards of a given year, with a guided tour through important, controversial, or humorous moments, as remembered by someone who was there first hand as it all unfolded. The first Timeline series would look at WWE, formerly known as WWF and in this installment, Sean Waltman would sit down with Oliver to talk about the WWE in 1994 and as always, Waltman provides a worthwhile trip down memory lane.

Entertainment Value: I was pleased to see Sean Waltman as the interview subject for this 1994 Timeline episode, as he was connected to some of the top players in WWE at the time, so he has first hand stories on a lot of topics here. This was before Waltman would jump to WCW to be part of the New World Order, so he has knowledge of the atmosphere in the company and locker room as WCW started to push ahead, which is valuable insight. This time period was when business was down and a huge resurgence was just around the corner, with Waltman never shy about sharing tales about how bad things were getting and what he thought could have been done. Oliver’s meticulous preparation ensures a wealth of topics are covered and Waltman stays on track in most cases, though Oliver knows when to let him go on tangents to further elaborate or tell a related anecdote.

While Oliver’s interview skills and Waltman’s candid nature are enough to make this worthwhile, this is also part shoot interview, so Waltman delivers on that front as well. He doesn’t hold back and has some burns to unleash, as well as addressing some rumors and gossip, with his usual straight forward, but with a sense of humor approach. So he often takes what could be a quick topic turn into an interesting one with his memories and storytelling skills. You can have someone who has all the scoops, but just isn’t a charismatic or kinetic persona, but Waltman is a great combination of both, always informative and fun to listen to. The interview runs just over two hours and a lot of ground is covered, so for fans of wrestling history, Timeline, The History of WWE: 1994 is recommended.

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