Story: Wrestlemania 2 had a lot to live up to, since the original Wrestlemania broke records and sent professional wrestling into the mainstream of the entertainment world. Still as hot as ever, Hulk Hogan would headline the event, which would span three different live arena shows, but who would prove to be a suitable opponent? The walking condominium with legs, that’s who. I am referring of course to King Kong Bundy, wrestling legend and one of the featured villains during WWF’s epic 80s run. Bundy clashed with the titans of his era on the largest stage in the business, so he was a terrific choice to be opposite the Hulkster in this main event. In this episode of Supercard, Bundy himself guides us through the event and how he arrived at the pinnacle of the wrestling world.

Entertainment Value: I love the Supercard series, another brilliant innovation in the shoot interview game from Kayfabe Commentaries. The series takes a deep dive into a specific, high profile wrestling event and lets us hear about it from someone that was involved. In the case of this release, we’re taken behind the scenes of the Wrestlemania 2 main event, where Hulk Hogan and King Kong Bundy squared off, inside a steel cage, no less. Who better to tell us about this big show than Bundy, who stood in the ring and performed on the largest platform in the business, something few have ever done and Bundy achieved it during the Hulkamania goldrush for WWF. Hogan was only as good as the heels he faced and Bundy was a formidable opponent who was believable, had good matches, and gave a great optic to the clash, this mass of humanity that had already busted up Hogan’s ribs to soften him for this contest. Sean Oliver as usual is a skilled host, keeping the flow on track, but allowing Bundy to veer of course at times for a memory on a related topic. The two hours passes in a flash, as the two have a great back and forth, while getting across so much great information.

I love this episode of Supercard and in fact, I’d rank it among my favorite shoot interview type releases out there. This series has such a great concept and King Kong Bundy embraces the premise, so it all just comes together so well here. Bundy is well spoken, candid, and even though he is discussing the behind the scenes elements, he remains a performer. So we get the scoops, but Bundy also makes sure the entire experience is fun to watch, cracking jokes and having some very humorous interactions with Sean Oliver, who rolls with it so well. Bundy talks about his start in the business, his time as an underneath worker at WWF, and his rise to stardom that followed. He seems honest and willing to be open, so this isn’t the kind of self serving bluster found in some shoot interviews. I was captivated by how he didn’t put a fake shine on the Wrestlemania experience, letting us know the real ins & outs of the event, even when they fail to live up to what we might imagine that experience to be. He covers the build taken to hype the match, what it was like working with Hogan, and his encounters with the celebrities, as well as his thoughts on the other workers at Wrestlemania 2. I had a lot of fun with this Supercard episode and for wrestling fans, it is highly recommended.

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