Story: After a successful career as an international pro wrestler, Bill Eadie would find himself part of Vince McMahon’s plan to cash in on the popularity of The Road Warriors. Eadie would be joined by Barry Darsow and tasked to be Vince’s painted, apocalyptic tag team, Demolition. While the team might have started as an attempt to ride off the The Road Warriors’ success, Demolition would prove to be a team of legend in their own right. Both Eadie and Darsow, as Ax and Smash, would paint their faces, wear S&M reminiscent attire to the ring, and perform in brutal matches that also included enough technical skill, charisma, and psychology to win over fans worldwide. In this installment of Guest Booker, Eadie talks about how he would have booked the breakup of Demolition.

Entertainment Value: As with most of these Guest Booker installments, Bill Eadie sits down to book a specific angle or storyline, but time is also taken to look back on his career and his experiences as a booker in the business. And Eadie could fill a hundred of these interviews, as he had a phenomenal run as an in ring performer, not to mention his time booking matches or helping with creative decisions, which he was also widely praised for. Here he discusses how he got started in the business through his time as a Mongol to his legendary run under a hood as The Masked Superstar, all of which is interesting to hear and Eadie comes across as humble and genuine. That alone makes this better than a lot of the shoot interviews out there, which drip with arrogance and make you wonder if any of the stories being told are true. So listening to Eadie recall his early days and the various stages of his career is a pleasure, since he is believable and seems authentic.

This interview runs about an hour and half, with the first hour or so devoted to the background on Eadie, then the final half hour is focused on the Demolition split. Eadie makes use of that thirty minutes or so, going into great detail about how he believes a breakup should have been handled. I’ve been let down by some of the Guest Booker episodes, as they are either too vague or make unrealistic choices, but neither of those happen here. Eadie has a realistic, feasible take on how Ax and Smash could have drew at the ticket window with a split. He discusses the build to even teasing the split, how Mr. Fuji and Crush would have fit into the program, and how it would be resolved in the end. His booking is grounded, but creative and plays into the traditions of the business, this is exactly the kind of booking fans would have reacted to back at the time. I enjoyed this Guest Booker episode from start to finish and if you’re interested in the “what ifs” of pro wrestling or just want some insights into the how the creative side of the business works, Guest Booker with Bill Eadie is well recommended.

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