Story: When Kayfabe Commentaries announced their new shoot interview series titled YouShoot, it was a foregone conclusion that The Honky Tonk Man would make an appearance. As it turns out, the outspoken grappler was the very first subject to sit down for this new type of shoot interview, one that is more or less conducted by the fans. People could submit questions, comments, or insults, which were then pared down by Kayfabe Commentaries, then handed off to Sean Oliver, who makes sure the fans get their voices heard and their questions answered.

Entertainment Value: I’ve seen a lot of shoot interviews, but the YouShoot spin on the approach makes a world of difference. Someone like The Honky Tonk Man has done countless interviews, podcasts, or convention panels, but when you have the fans in full control of what questions are asked, you end up mining some fresh material. I love when some of the fans actively try to agitate or provoke a reaction from Honky Tonk, as he never fails to take the bait. This leads to some fun outbursts or insults toward whoever asked the question, which I think is hilarious. A nice assortment of topics are explored though, so you’ll hear some stories about his days in his ring, the politics of pro wrestling, and all the dirt that most of the fans try to drag out. At over two hours, this edition of YouShoot has good depth and of course, Honky Tonk holds nothing back.

And who better to kick off this new series than The Honky Tonk Man, who is one of the most infamous, controversial shoot interview subjects of all time. Honky Tonk has stirred up a lot of internet drama with his interviews and pissed off fans, promoters, and even other wrestlers in the process. You can tell he loves to insult some of his peers and others, as he has a certain sadistic joy when he is poking fun at someone he dislikes. This interview finds him at his most unhinged yet, letting off barb after barb about different folks in the business, while making sure to offend when he can, and saying some truly outrageous things at times. I can’t say that I trust all of Honky Tonk’s stories to be true, but he is fun to listen to as he goes on his rants and tirades. So if you like outlandish, colorful shoot interviews, this is one you’ll want to check out.

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