Story: Jim Cornette has been in a wealth of shoot interview sessions, so it was no surprise to see him booked for a Breaking Kayfabe release from Kayfabe Commentaries. While Cornette’s stories are widely available, Sean Oliver as always is able to pull some fresh tales and takes from his subject, so this isn’t just rehashed content. The Breaking Kayfabe series takes shoot interviews up a notch, with a well prepared, focused approach to the content, though Oliver is usually able to steer tangents and keep the vibe kinetic, which is nice. So this series stays within the usual shoot interview format, just in a better planned, higher production value setting, which does make a difference. And who better to sit down with this kind of release that Jim Cornette, right?

Entertainment Value: I find most interviews with Jim Cornette to be interesting, but this one has some special circumstances involved. Cornette had broken ties with Sean Oliver prior to this release, but the two had squashed the drama by this point. The two also discuss the situation in the interview, so you can get the inside scoop first hand, which is a fun listen. That talk leads right into Vince Russo, who gets a lot of time in the interview, which is again, no surprise. Cornette has nuclear heat with Russo and he is never going to pass up the chance to bury him, which he does here and then some. Some of the topics covered related to Russo have been discussed elsewhere, but there are also some fresh and less common stories, all delivered with Cornette’s signature venom. Cornette talks about his time in TNA and ROH, with nothing held back as usual and Cornette really unloads some ROH behind the scenes gossip.

Ring of Honor is the focus for most of the interview once Russo is out of the talk, but Cornette doesn’t disappoint and airs out all kinds of dirty laundry. This includes who was difficult to book, which performers he hated having to work with, and the behind the scenes dirt on who he feels dragged down the ROH product. He absolutely buries a couple of staff members, uncorking some classic Cornette rants that have to be heard to be believed. Not just a little venom either, Cornette gets worked up and really goes for broke, pulling back the curtain on ROH’s inner workings. The interview runs about two and a half hours, which is perhaps a little short considering Cornette’s usual longwinded rants, but plenty of ground is covered and the interview moves at a natural pace. I’d recommend this to Cornette fans or anyone who appreciates pro wrestling insider stories.

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