Story: A true legend of 80s professional wrestling, Koko B. Ware was in the WWF for some of its biggest and most memorable moments. While he never ascended to the main event on those large stages, he was always on the cards and delighted crowds with his performance. Best known for his gimmick of “The Birdman” and his ever present parrot Frankie, Koko was lively and exciting, with even an entrance that fans on their feet and flapping along. In the ring, Koko was a high flyer and fan favorite who could more than hold his own against anyone. I always enjoyed seeing Koko in action and I looked forward to hearing his memories from remarkable career.

Entertainment Value: This shoot interview was conducted in 2005, so keep in mind the topics will be limited to those that happened before that time period. I was impressed by this interview, as Koko seemed relaxed and quite open, guiding through his entire career step by step, with ample memories of each era. He has turned to a life of religion after his fulltime career wound down, but he doesn’t hold back as far as calling people out or saying what’s on his mind. He might apologize now and then for some light language, but he is honest and frank, which is always what you want from these kind of shoot interviews.

He shares some very interesting memories as well, including his much discussed fight fight with Steve Keirn and what led to his departure from the WWF. Both of those issues will be ones fans are eager to hear, so I am pleased that Koko was both honest and in depth. You’ll hear the full stories and to me, I trust Koko’s take on both incidents, as he seems open and humble in this interview. He doesn’t praise himself constantly or complain that he was underused, unlike many of his peers, so he comes off as believable and sincere here. The interview runs about two hours and has minimal filler, so for fans of “The Birdman,” this is recommended.

You can check out this Koko B. Ware interview here, at Highspots.