Story: A typical, run of the mill breakfast unfolds when celebrity Andy Kaufman invites one of his heroes, pro wrestling legend Freddie Blassie, to join him a local diner for a meal. The two have an intimate conversation on various topics, from fame to pro wrestling to what is funny, all while being served a meal and surrounded by diners who recognize the stars. Of course, run of the mill is not the word to describe this sit down experience, as both engage in outlandish dialogue and off the wall behavior, all of which is hilarious and likely offensive. You might have had breakfast countless times, but this breakfast is unlike any morning session you’ve experienced.

Entertainment Value: A wild tribute of sorts to the acclaimed My Dinner with Andre, My Breakfast with Blassie is about an hour of non stop chaos and to me, a fantastic addition to the legacy of master comedian Andy Kaufman. Of course, the entire duration is Kaufman and Freddie Blassie just talking about different topics, though some time is spent interacting with the waitress and some fellow patrons, with humorous results. The conversation is brisk and very casual, with a believable tone for the most part, save the finale where things escalate to the absurd. But even when things go haywire, this is a fun ride that never disappoints. The whole “is this real” angle is well revealed and explored now, after decades of time have passed, but it still feels authentic a lot of the time, which is a testament to Kaufman and Blassie, who remain composed and light on their feet with the verbal barbs.

As I have said a couple times now, the humor can be abrasive and awkward at times, but that is part of the charm of Kaufman’s brand of comedy. Sometimes he is innocent and kind, but he can get nasty and to me, that is when he truly shines here. His taunts toward the autograph seekers is a highlight, though I think his quieter, more subtle exchanges with Blassie are a lot of fun as well. Blassie himself not only keeps pace with Kaufman, he outshines him at times and you can tell Kaufman is loving spending time with the legend of the squared circle. Blassie roasts the waitress throughout and does so with such effortless cruelty, you can see why he was one of the greatest villains of wrestling and his fans should appreciate his performance here. I can understand if this kind of humor isn’t your cup of tea, but for those who like Kaufman’s offbeat, confrontational comic style, My Breakfast with Blassie is highly recommended, I simply love this piece of performance art.

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