Story: Tiger King was a smash hit for Netflix in 2020 when the pandemic was just starting, turning Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin into pop culture icons in the process. A second docuseries seemed inevitable, but with Joe still locked up, despite his belief that Donald Trump would pardon him, so with the main star behind bars, that kind of complicated the process. But the show goes on and even in prison, Joe manages to steal the show a few times in Tiger King 2, which takes a broader look at the private zoo culture and the colorful characters within. This docuseries also picks up where the first season left off, continuing some stories and expanding on others.

Entertainment Value: I know its difficult to catch lightning in a bottle twice, even with ideal circumstances, so with Joe in prison, I suspected this second season was unlikely to live up to the manic, over the top greatness of the original. That turned out to be true, but I had a lot more fun with this sequel than most, though of course, I wish there was more new Joe content involved. Joe is here however, giving new interviews from prison about the topics and folks covered in this season, while the series also provides some additional background info on Mr. Exotic. Carole Baskin returns as well, though her role is also smaller this time around, with most of the time devoted to her taking over Joe’s old zoo and the disappearance of her dead husband. I think there’s enough time devoted to Joe and Carole to keep fans of the original interested and if you like their brand of dysfunction, the expanded screen time of the rest of the menagerie should entertain. I mean, the Tim Stark scenes alone are outlandish enough to warrant a look, though he, like many of the others in this scattered tale, lacks that special “it” factor that makes Joe and Carole so captivating to watch.

Speaking of Stark, his scenes are some of the most outrageous and sometimes hilarious moments in this second season. He has such a terrible attitude and poor impulse control, he often ends up looking like an absolute fool, which provides some humorous scenarios. I love when he talks big to the police officers and then just as quickly, walks back his claims and threats, a pattern that he shows more than a couple times in Tiger King 2. Jeff Lowe returns and is as unlikable and pathetic as ever, somehow making Joe seem like a rational, well intentioned person. Lowe is such a dud, but his constant attempts to be cool and seem like a big shot are hilarious, especially when the series reveals that his luxurious lifestyle might not be all it seems. Also pathetic and hilarious is Doc Antle, who returns in all of his creepiness and shortly after Tiger King 2 released, he even got his own Netflix series. I don’t think this sequel is on the same level as the original by any means, but it was fun to catch up with all the colorful weirdos and I look forward to another series, perhaps when Joe is released from prison. If you like wacky documentaries or enjoyed Tiger King, this followup is recommended.