Story: The production of horror picture Curvaceous Corpses has just started, with a small band of cast & crew holed up in a mansion to create some cinema. The film’s plot centers on a mysterious snake relic than when placed around the neck, becomes more than costume jewelry. The necklace goes through a mystical transformation and the snake’s teeth become real, injecting the victim with potent venom. The production starts off well enough, as the co-directors begin to lay out their shared vision, but some odd events soon unfold. As the movie rolls on, strange disappearances begin to happen and seem to almost mirror the film’s script. This seems troubling, but is waved off by the co-directors, who play it off as overenthusiastic actors going too far in their roles. But the disappearances have a lot in common with murders from the film’s narrative, so some suspicions arise. The shoot continues however, as the footage is great and there’s enough people still around to push on. But is there a killer loose on the set of this horror movie or is someone just taking the script too seriously?

Entertainment Value: This rare slice of 90s shot on video horror is interesting, even if it doesn’t join the ranks of the cult classics out there. The narrative has a fun concept, an indie horror movie about making an indie horror movie, but it isn’t executed in strong fashion. We more or less see the same story beats repeated, just with a new victim, but that isn’t likely to be a prime concern, given the genre. I would have loved more time spent on characters, as they and the dialogue were my highlights here. There isn’t a wealth of sleaze or intense violence, so the wackiness is a champ and adds a lot to the movie. The pace isn’t slow, but there are lulls at times, though overall I think things move at a brisk enough clip. As I said, I would have loved more of the over the top touches, since those worked better than the mild attempts at horror. I think that also would have perhaps fixed the light pacing issues, but I don’t want to sound too harsh on that front since the pace is passable. The performances are sometimes wooden and sometimes wild, but always a good time to watch. These natural, amateur style efforts bring me immense joy and I had a blast watching this colorful cast at work. Those looking for a strong narrative and traditional horror vibes might be let down, but I had fun with Curvaceous Corpses and give it a solid recommendation.

A lot of time is spent in hot tubs in this movie, but the sleaze factor remains light. So some bare breasts are on showcase at times, but don’t expect graphic sex or frequent naked flesh. But there is a lot of screen time for bikinis, so there is that. The blood quotient is also low, with some light, non graphic bloodshed during the snake bite attacks. The violence is minimal and also non graphic, just some dripping red stuff in a few sequences. The horror vibes are still there, just in milder doses and without slasher movie type violence. Where Curvaceous Corpses shines is the dialogue, which I found to be fun throughout. Not a wealth of super quotable lines, but a steady drip of humorous, awkward, or outlandish dialogue is present. I loved some of the lines like “Sorry Diane, that’s show business!” and “Thanks, lover.” but there are many enjoyable exchanges in this one. The colorful characters and wacky performances also help elevate the dialogue, without question. As for overall insanity, the aforementioned characters and performances move the needle, but there’s not a lot to discuss beyond those. But don’t sell the short, as they add a lot of craziness at times and are very entertaining to soak in. I do also want to mention an unbelievably long, lingering shot of a corpse in the shower, which struck me as quite humorous for some reason.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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