Story: Eugene (Mark Ashworth) is always looking for his next fix, living a grifter’s life to chase women, drugs, and alcohol. Although his life is always teetering on the brink of desperation, he’d rather scam people or even outright steal than make an effort to be a decent citizen. He also has no issue with violence or taking what he wants by force and he has a new target in mind. A local real estate agent Mary (Marla Malcolm) has caught his attention and after a brief deception presenting himself as a prospective buyer, Eugene is able to arrange a meet with his potential prey. As crazy as he can be himself, Eugene has no idea what awaits him when he heads to meet Mary, who has some secrets of her own. While he has been able to use his lack of ethics and conscience to pursue his desires to this point, what will happen when Eugene meets his match and then some?

Entertainment Value: I appreciate the effort put into Crazy 2 Crazy, but this one is a total dud that is slow, forgettable, and feels like it is ten times its actual duration. The movie almost feels like a knockoff Lifetime movie meets an ineffective Funny Games ripoff, but it never commits to either side and we are left with a rather bland, drag of an experience. If the movie had focused on either the horror elements or taken the thriller elements over the top, this might have been a better picture, but instead it spins its wheels and never finds any momentum. The thriller side is neglected outside of a few scenes that make a minor effort, while the glacial pace is brutal and often squashes what little atmosphere is present. A dead serious tone like this needs a competent narrative and good performances, neither of which are around here. And even if the tone had been lightened, given the horror elements in Crazy 2 Crazy, that would have created some imbalance. But the horror aspect isn’t much better, as the movie teases some raw, sadistic content, but pulls up short of that and settles for a fairly tame horror quotient. The violence never shocks and the horror is never pushed to the extreme, so this just comes off like a boring mess in most sequences. I thought Marla Malcolm could make a good Lifetime villain, but otherwise this one isn’t recommended in the least.

No nakedness. The movie has some sexual content, but the camera never reveals any naked flesh or even tame sexual elements. After an enthusiastic, but not revealing masturbation session opens the film, the sex slows down for quite a while. Later on we have an awkward lap dance sequence and a mild sex scene, but that’s all the sleaze in this one. You will see some blood crop up, but there’s no real kinetic or on screen violence to speak of. So while some characters wind up with crimson wounds, we never see the cause and despite the horror side of things, the movie refrains from even mild violence on screen. This hurts the movie from my perspective, as it seems to want to be seen as a brutal experience, but what we are actually shown doesn’t live up to that. Aside from a humorous scene where a child screams profanities into someone’s face, the dialogue is weak and forgettable. The writing is not good and the lines aren’t sharp or quotable, just basic and poorly performed in most cases. As for insanity, there is none of that here, sadly. As badly as the movie wants to be edgy and shocking, it never even comes close and in the end, has no real memorable or over the top moments to look back on.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10