Story: Hank Howard is a scientist on the military payroll, tasked to research the potential of a formula to enhance battlefield performance. A kind of real life super soldier serum, if you will. He also happens to be in love with his boss’ daughter, so he feels even more pressure than usual to deliver on his assigned mission. When his experiments show some promise on rodents, Hank tests the serum on himself and he is never the same again, thanks to the outrageous effects of the mixture. He is now a massive, super powered purple monstrosity, but he uses his newfound abilities for good and saves a hooker from a brutal criminal attack. But as he tries to make his way in the world as a giant, naked, purple beast, can Hank figure out how to make his bulk work in his favor?

Entertainment Value: This is easily one of the strangest, most outlandish movies out there, which is a true compliment. The Amazing Bulk seems to have no sets and minimal props, with all of the movie world filled in by hilarious green screen visual effects. The end result is of course not going to win over everyone, but it is so over the top and ridiculous, I couldn’t help but fall in love with this one. The core narrative is basic superhero stuff, but one the concept is in place, the film goes totally off the rails almost the entire time and to me, that is great news. Just the visuals alone, which look like a cheap 90s live action video game, are enough to elicit consistent laughs, but there’s more to Bulk than just that. Just when you start to adjust to the weirdness here, the movie rolls the dice on random nonsense that makes your brain wonder what the hell is going on. The entire film is packed with such moments, but the finale has enough craziness and random touches for a dozen movies. I hadan absolute blast with The Amazing Bulk and for anyone who appreciates creative, off the wall, and just plain bananas cinema, it is highly recommended.

One of the reasons this oddball is so much fun is the cast, an ensemble that seems to know exactly the kind of movie they’re involved in, which leads to some wild performances. Those who need star power or traditional style acting might be let down, but I think the cast nails their efforts and the movie is much crazier for that. Randal Malone wound up stealing the show for me and he really goes for broke here, in a manic, wildly over the top turn that is always fun to watch. Malone gets the wackiness in the material and ramps up his performance to eleven, bringing a memorable villain and some of the funniest moments. And in a movie this bizarre, being the most memorable character is no small feat. The cast also includes Jordan Lawson, Jed Rowen, and Shevaun Kastl.

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