Story: This spinoff of the popular 90 Day Fiance series looks at how long distance, international couples navigate their unusual relationships, before the engagement is in place. In other words, this series follows couples that are on the brink of making some real commitments, but still have to meet and explore each other’s lives. This leads to a wealth of interesting scenarios, from awkward first encounters to conflicting expectations to of course, rampant drama. This fourth season leans heavily on the drama, with a wild assortment of couples that can’t seem to keep the peace, but that leads to some seriously outlandish entertainment.

Entertainment Value: This fourth season of Before the 90 Days is pure television magic, provided you appreciate nonstop drama and reality television style meltdowns. These couples seem to have been hand picked for maximum drama and the season is never dull, with each episode loaded with memorable, over the top moments. Even the more reserved or compatible couples run off the rails often in this season, so there is no filler or downtime, just reality television gold. Big Ed would become a meme staple in the wake of this season, but just about everyone in this installment proves to be outrageous, delusional, or always poised for drama. Ed and Rose were a personal favorite of mine however, with no chemistry or romance whatsoever, just oddball encounters. Ed’s sweat soaked market visit, his shower with Rose’s father, the bad breath conversation, and Ed’s cheapskate side are just some of the highlights, but there is so much more to this dysfunctional couple’s chaos.

Another highlight for me was Yolanda and Williams, as she tries her best to overlook red flag after red flag, hoping that her online love is genuine. At first I felt bad for Yolanda, but as the season rolls on and she engages in some unbelievable mental gymnastics, it was like watching an outlandish comedy of errors. In the same boat is David, who has spent over $250k to pursue mail order brides from the Ukraine, including Lana, who has stood him up time and again. But like Yolanda, he refuses to listen to reason and keeps burning cash to chase her love. Then we have Usman and Lisa, one of the more aggressive couples that never seem to stop fighting, even though Usman made her quite the memorable love song. Lisa’s meltdowns are never far apart and watching her deal with Usman’s fans, friends, and family is always fun to watch. These are just a few of the colorful couples found in this season and if you’re into reality television soaked in drama, this fourth season is worth a look.

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