Plot: A small town legend claims that not just one, but a handful of monsters once roamed the area, before a landslide trapped in a remote mountain cave. As it turns out, that is one of the rare true local legends and after a massive blast of ass gas, the cave wall is blown down, freeing the monsters. Franky, Drak, Wolfy, Mummy, and of course, Humper the Hunchback begin to run wild in the town, even as its leadership tries to solve a serious financial collapse. The monsters don’t want to hurt anyone however, instead they want to party and thanks to a special map, seek out a long lost cache of gold in the process. As they try to hunt down the treasure, the monsters encounter dance parties, aerobics sessions, random sexual trysts, and more, so can they taste the good life and still locate all the gold?

Entertainment Value: Franky and His Pals is a cinematic experience you aren’t likely to forget, for better or worse. This shot on video curio is going to induce headaches and confusion in most mainstream audiences, as little makes sense here and the humor is, well…inconsistent to be kind. So if you want a traditional movie, you won’t find that here, not even close. This one has a good amount of weirdness, but it falls mostly into the cringe area and while that is still fun at times, the slow pace, repetitive elements, and just plain lame humor can be issues. Unlike some of its cult cinema peers, Franky and His Pals tends to be just plain bad, rather than so bad its good, but there is still a morbid curiosity involved with a film of this kind. I can easily see this becoming a minor cult hit just from people wanting to make their friends experience the picture, but sadly I don’t think this holds up well enough to be a cult classic. The initial viewing is a fun one in some ways, but outside the appeal of being a rare curio movie, Franky and His Pals can’t compete with its shot on video peers. But for fans of shot on video oddities, it is certainly one you’ll want to watch, even if just to cross off your viewing list.

No nakedness. The movie leans into sex jokes often, but it is cornball type material, rather than sleaze. Imagine like low rent Benny Hill style gags, like Humper getting slapped for grabbing an ass. None of it is funny or even memorable, but it can be so cringe at times, that you might laugh here and there. No blood. This might involve cheap knockoffs of some famous monsters, but the horror angle is minimal here and that carries over to the violence quotient. This much more comedy than horror however, so the lack of blood isn’t a surprise. The dialogue. Wow. Franky and His Pals has a super lame sense of humor, which bleeds into the dialogue at a steady drip. This is going to delight some and bore others, but I think the cheesy dialogue is one of the movie’s bright spots. I think my personal favorite joke was the bizarre “wooow” heard whenever someone gets into mischief. The “wooow” is so cornball, but I found it to be hilarious, though most of the lines are just groaners. I appreciate poorly written humor and corny jokes, so I got some laughs, but I can totally see how this kind of almost hokey vaudeville humor could fall flat for others. As for the craziness, there are ample wacky moments to be seen here, but few stand out as memorable or creative. Just kind of “what were they thinking” vibes throughout.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10