Plot: As an epidemic threatens the world’s population, even a tropical paradise isn’t immune to the grave dangers involved. A potential cure has been discovered and when a shipment arrives in a lush island nation, the ship’s captain Markus (Curt Jurgens) has more trouble than he expected. Despite having the antibiotics on board, he is harassed by local law enforcement because his ship also carried some barrels of booze. After some wild barrel tosses and a lot of spilled alcohol, Markus and his crew leave to explore the island and in specific, the women that reside there. Meanwhile, a group of nurses work to keep public health in order, even if that means random threesomes that unfold to ease the patients’ suffering. To be honest, the narrative doesn’t make a lot of sense, so I suppose that’s a good end to the synopsis.

Entertainment Value: Nurses for Sale was originally a much different movie, then Al Adamson picked up the flick, shot some new scenes, and voila, here we are. Of course, his scenes lean more toward the salacious and attention grabbing, as he wanted to lure in those drive-in crowds. The movie never really kicks into high gear or provides wild thrills, but it is consistently just odd enough to be a fun watch, especially since it runs just over an hour in duration. Of course, if you need a coherent narrative, good acting, or production values, you’re out of luck here, but Nurses for Sale is a brisk, often odd movie that delivers some fun. The pace is good and the film doesn’t linger or grind in the least, though again, it doesn’t often go for broke, though it does have a few scenes that stand out as memorably silly or outlandish. The finale was perhaps the highlight and it was hilarious, a great cap to an offbeat experience. Nurses for Sale is no genre classic, but for fans of low budget drive-in fare or Al Adamson buffs, it is a fun watch that defies its limitations to offer some solid, if unconventional entertainment.

This one has a good amount of naked flesh, with a number of topless scenes, quite a bit really, given the short run time involved. The movie ramps up right from the start and gives us a candy striper threesome before the opening credits, but doesn’t slow down much, especially in the first half. The nakedness is by no means graphic, but it does have a humid, tropical texture that makes it feel sleazier, at least to me. There is also a brief, but memorable girl on girl makeout session. Not much in terms of blood or even violence, but there are some bright red gun shot wounds and a rapist is blinded in a wild scene. So a little of the crimson flows, but not a lot and the violence is never even a minor focal point. As for dialogue, while a good portion of the lines are more or less forgettable, some highlights are present. A bold statement on the freedom to piss where one pleases stands out, but even dry dialogue gets a small boost from the cast, who deliver fun wooden and ham handed efforts. On the craziness scale, while not over the top insane, Nurses for Sale has a fair share of wackiness. The movie has a greasy sea captain, wistful thoughts about a ship, intimate male bonding, a poor man’s Ernest Borgnine, some esoteric directions, slippery fish, a monocle overboard, a fun throat punch, and of course, rolling out the barrels.

Nudity: 4/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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