Plot: Sarah (Gina Vitori) is on a skiing holiday when she endures a horrific accident on the slopes, one that leaves her badly injured and facing the loss of one of her legs. But while most of the medical staff push to amputate in order to save her life, Dr. Vincent (Anthony Jensen) insists that the leg can be saved and Sarah will pull through, which proves to be the case. After she has regained some presence, Sarah is thrilled when she learned Dr. Vincent performed such skilled work, but she soon transitions into physical therapy to rebuild her strength. Jake (Matthew Pohlkamp) is her therapist and while the sessions are intense, the two strike up a quick bond and soon enough, a romance begins to blossom. But after she returns home and continues that romance, Dr. Vincent pops back into the picture and he seems to have designs of his own, though Sarah is unable to see the truth about him. Will she figure out his dark intentions in time and how far will Dr. Vincent go for this obsession?

Entertainment Value: This movie had some big shoes to fill, since Lifetime’s Eric Roberts led Stalked by My Doctor series is quite classic, but there’s always room for more obsessed caregivers, right? The narrative here focuses on our good girl lead, which means the villain takes a smaller role and that was a wise choice, as this is no Dr. Beck, at least in my opinion. I’ll discuss that more later, but I will say that while I was let down by the villain in general, I do think the movie has some fun twists and takes a couple nice risks that pay dividends. No one is going to be blindsided here, but I always appreciate when writers try to to bend some new kinks into the Lifetime formula and that happens here. The end result is a fun watch, even if I would loved more melodrama and over the top elements. The Doctor Will Kill You Now has some of the drama, but I think the lessened focus on the villain hurts that aspect, though it does broaden appeal beyond the crazier side of Lifetime. So it is kind of a decent middle ground, with some wackiness, but some wine & blanket appeal, so that’s important to note. I found the pace to be fine and again, while we have seen this narrative before, the few little twists help boost the entertainment value. So if you’re into Lifetime thrillers, this will likely give you a night of solid entertainment.

I love wild, melodramatic Lifetime thrillers and without question, a manic, memorable villain can take a fun thriller to insane heights. In this case, our villain takes a backseat and while on one hand that is a shame, on the other hand it makes sense, as Dr. Vincent was never going to be an all timer. Anthony Jensen is fine in the role, but doesn’t dial things up enough to be a chaotic bad guy like Eric Roberts’ Dr. Beck, while he also lacks the general menace of a tamer villain. I think his performance is passable and perhaps that’s why the villain has reduced presence in this movie, when Lifetime usually likes to spotlight the madness. On the plus side, Gina Vitori is a capable good girl and handles her role well enough. I think she brings the required obliviousness, but in fun ways and that helps keep the entertainment in place. I know some dislike the clueless heroines and all, but I think it can be hilarious and fun to watch if done right. And to me, it is done right in The Doctor Will Kill You Now. Also in capable form is Matthew Pohlkamp as the love interest and his arc is a solid draw here. He and Vitori have decent chemistry and I think the two carry the bulk of the movie with solid skill. The cast also includes Kate Watson, Joel Berti, and Jolene Andersen.

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