Plot: Tammy (Denise Richards) has a romance blooming with Michael (Paul Walker), but her jealous ex seems to always find ways to interfere and more often than not, violence is involved. After a session of mutual dick squeezing, Michael and the bitter ex have more tension than ever. When a confrontation soon after spirals out of control, Michael ends up tangling with a massive lion, gets mauled nearly to death, and is on the brink of oblivion at the hospital. As Tammy cries over his broken body, the mysterious Dr. Wachenstein (Terry Kiser) shows up and engineers a false demise, allowing him to steal Michael’s body in plain sight. But why would this man of medicine and science want Michael’s battered vessel? He plans to transplant the brain into a robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex, to have a vicious minion at his command. Will the plan work or will Michael still be a bro, even in dinosaur form?

Entertainment Value: This is a wild one, a relentless stream of wackiness that never slows down and packs in more b movie magic than a dozen of the usual cult classic type pictures. The narrative is ridiculous and makes no sense, snowballing into wilder and more outlandish scenarios as the movie rolls on, so what it lacks in coherence, it more than compensates with wackiness. After all, we don’t need to know the science behind a brain in green water or the power to control erections with said brain, we just want to see it put inside of a T-Rex, right? An endless line of strange movies are out there, but most offer a scene or perhaps a few of madness, with few that deliver wall to wall chaos and craziness. Tammy and the T-Rex is off the wall from the jump and knows it is just total nonsense, embracing the silliness and taking an approach that ramps up those ridiculous vibes, scene after scene. Of course, the wackiness won’t resonate with everyone and the wildly over the top nature is bound to alienate to some viewers, but I think has wider appeal than a lot of similar cult classics. The well known stars like Denise Richards and Paul Walker help reach past the usual genre fans, while the intentional comedy also assists in that regard, so this could be a good “gateway movie” to bring in viewers who might not otherwise look into this kind of outlandish cinema. In short, I had a blast with Tammy and the T-Rex and as such, it warrants a high recommendation.

No nakedness. There is an epic striptease routine involved, as Denise Richard performs for a brain soaking in green fluids, but no real naked flesh on showcase. The movie has mostly been seen in a heavily edited PG-13 version, but the uncut edition boasts some humorous gore set pieces. A highlight for me was the brain transplant scene, which sports some laughable special effects, but delivers on the entertainment front and that’s what matters. The gore is more than just a brain removal in the scene, with the process wrapped in humor and bad jokes at that. The T-Rex also squashes someone under a car, giving us one of the worst head crushing scenes ever, complete with ridiculous rubber head and squirting eye wound. As you’d expect, there’s also other dinosaur related carnage and that includes big bite wounds and outright chomps, as well as a disembowelment with a splashy gut spill. The gore is all hokey and low rent, but it suits the material perfectly and to me, just adds even more b movie charm to a movie that is bursting with it already. The dialogue is over the top and outlandish, with a wealth of quotable lines and groan worthy turns of phrase. “Testicular standoff” is an all timer, but the movie is loaded with humorous exchanges, bolstered by how colorful the characters are that deliver the lines. As for craziness, we have the barely moving T-Rex, the payphone scene, the colorful characters, constant zaniness, and total disregard for common sense or good taste.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 5/10

Dialogue: 7/10

Overall Insanity: 8/10

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