Plot: This slice of erotica follows a series of encounters themed around older women enjoying the pleasures of younger men. A selection of five scenes are found here, each packed with sexual elements, but some effort is made to include narratives, though brief and to the point they might be. Even if these stories are a few minutes of seduction however, I appreciated the time taken to do so, as it add some spark to the scenes beyond the sex involved. I found Cougar Kill to be the hottest of the scenes, though Jane Bond was a lot of fun to watch in Boy Next Door as well. Overall, all five scenes are worth a look for fans of cougar porn.

1. Cougar Kill: This scene involves a woman with a strong personality who pursues a barkeeper, looking for a sexual rendezvous. While her seduction technique proves to be a success, she finds herself in an unfamiliar situation once the two head to a more private location. As the tryst begins, she is put in a more passive role, as the barkeep takes control. While she has to adjust to having the tables turned, she soon embraces the role reversal. This scene includes oral, fingering, and both vaginal and anal sex, with a lot of vocal feedback from Starr, the female performer.

2. Mummy’s Boy: A housekeeper starts a new job and her domineering boss tasks her with a wealth of chores, not to mention an overload of products and tools. Before she leaves, the boss makes it clear the housekeeper is not to bother her son, who is asleep upstairs and needs to rest. But of course, she winds up going upstairs, where she notices the son is sporting a sizable bulge. The two quickly engage and begin a heated session, but who will clean the house? This segment has some light humor, which is welcome and includes oral sex, some prostate massage, and a few sexual positions.

3. My Son’s Best Friend: The story here finds a mother having a conversation with one of her son’s friends, which slowly turns sexual. As she describes her exercise regimen, she also shows off her impressive legs and in return, her son’s friend takes off his shirt, which starts some heat between the two. Soon enough, both are naked and the good times are rolling out. This one has a lot of oral sex and an extended cowgirl session, with a doggy style finale. I also want to note this segment involves safe sex, with the seamless inclusion of a condom into the mix.

4. Diet Cock Break: The title on this one is outlandish, but the segment itself is pretty straight forward. A pair of women are working in an office when a younger man enters and captures their attention. After some girl talk, one of the women leaves to give the other privacy and a chance to seduce the younger man, which she jumps at and gets right to work. The two spark an instant heat and after an extensive pussy eating session, there’s more oral and several sex positions, which culminate in a cream pie finish. There’s consistent dirty talk in this one as well.

5. Boy Next Door: The final segment has an older neighbor taking an interest in the younger man next door. She gets him involved in a conversation, turns things toward the naughty, then invites him into her place to rev up the fun. The escapade includes a good amount of oral and fingering, as well as a couple of sex positions. The female performer here is Jane Bond and she is very enthusiastic, which makes this final segment a fitting finale for the program.


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