Plot: After some arousing conversation in the hot tub, a couple retires to the bedroom, where they discuss a lesbian phone sex service. The two tease each other about calling and all the talk gets them both quite excited, so they place a call. The dominant lesbian that answers works both of the women into a frenzy, leading to a round of mutual masturbation. The phone sex revealed some unexpected desires, including the interest in a strap on session and submission elements. When the couple decides to invite the woman from the phone service over to indulge in some real life sexual escapades, how will the menage-a-trois play out?

Entertainment Value: This 90s porn short runs about half an hour, but still fits in a slight bit of narrative presence. The story is simple, with a couple exploring their sexual desires together, but it is enough to give the sex scenes some extra kick, thanks to the minor character work. Most of the movie’s duration centers on the threesome and with good reason, as it is what the previous scenes build to and Suburban Dykes is smart to invest so much time in the final sex session. The phone sex lesbian brings a new vibe to the movie once she arrives and in addition, she brings some safe sex elements that we don’t see often in porn. The movie emphasizes the importance of being safe, reminding viewers that even lesbians can contract STDs, while the character demonstrates several ways to be safer during sexual situations. This includes the use of dental dams, latex gloves, and even condoms, which she puts on when the strap on is introduced into the mix. Suburban Dykes proves that the use of safe sex elements doesn’t hamper the sexual heat, as the threesome is a lot of fun to watch.

As someone who appreciates shot on video features from this era, I appreciated the look and feel of the production values here. The shot on video look is always fun for me, while we also have some light b movie touches on showcase. Some of the dialogue is on the stilted or awkward side, but to me that adds to the entertainment, since a little cheese never hurt anyone. Although these b movie elements aren’t constant, I think perhaps there’s enough shot on video magic to lure in some viewers who might not otherwise seek out a film of this kind. The cast is enthusiastic and engages in masturbation, oral sex, and finger action in both holes. The strap on sex is a highlight, especially since it takes place during the threesome and opens up some hot group sex action. Nina Hartley and Sharon Mitchell are veterans of erotica and turn in terrific performances, with energetic sexual dynamics. I had fun with Suburban Dykes and I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys enthusiastic lesbian erotica.

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