Plot: Jessica (Sarah Minnich) wants to be a mother more than anything else in the world, but after a car accident during her pregnancy, she not only lost her unborn child, but is no longer able to have children. She is now divorced, but has her life in order and wants to adopt, so she can provide a stable, loving home for a child in need. But her past keeps haunting her, as a domestic violence incident with her ex prevents her from adopting and she is told no agency will work with her as a result. The other driver in her car accident is Amber (Christa B. Allen), who is married and has a wonderful life, not to mention a recent pregnancy announcement. As Jessica seethes over how the accident cost her the chance to be a mother, she plots to settle the score with Amber and fulfill her desire for a child. But will Jessica follow through and do whatever it takes to get a baby, even if it means leaving people’s lives in ruins?

Entertainment Value: This one has a lot of Lifetime drama packed in, with such classic tropes as obsession, expecting mother, and vengeful psycho, so it is a fun, over the top melodrama. The narrative is of course beyond a stretch, with our villain’s plan being overly elaborate and requiring massive logic leaps, but that is part of the Lifetime thriller formula, so no harm, no foul. After all, if these stories were grounded or believable, we would lose a lot of the craziness and drama. As long as the story allows for drama and manic moments, I am on board and Pregnant and Deadly does that, even if not on the same level as Lifetime’s craziest thrillers. The bulk of the melodrama rests with our villain, but our good girl is naive and oblivious as well, so even when the bad girl isn’t around, there’s fun to be had here. I know some dislike when the protagonists overlook obvious red flags or make awful decisions, but that is how the genre works, as good decisions would derail the entire narrative. So yes, Jessica is a train wreck even seen from miles away, but that is part of what makes Pregnant and Deadly so fun, is how outlandish the relationship between she and Amber becomes. I had a good time with this Lifetime thriller and while I wouldn’t have minded the craziness turned up a little, I can still easily recommend Pregnant and Deadly.

As regular visitors to the site know all too well, a good villain in these Lifetime movies is one of the easiest ways for me to be entertained. Lifetime can conjure up some wild, sadistic villains and while Jessica isn’t on the extreme end of the spectrum, she is a lot of fun to watch and earns a place on the psycho rogue’s gallery. Sarah Minnich is reserved when she needs to be, playing up the sweeter and sensitive side of Jessica, before letting out the craziness to run rampant. I think her performance is immense fun, as she nails that “barely contained” mania that leads to humorous interactions, especially when she deals with the movie’s good girl, Amber. She just radiates red flags and negative energy, played to the hilt by Minnich, while our naive protagonist is somehow able to overlook each and every worrying signal. So this might not be the most dialed up villain on Lifetime’s roster, but Minnich’s Jessica carries Pregnant and Deadly, giving us a more than competent psycho. Christa B. Allen is also good here, though she is forced to come off as rather dense and unaware, to ensure the villain’s plan progressive. But as I said above, I have a lot of fun watching the good girls in these movies make terrible choices, so I don’t mind that at all. The cast also includes Grayson Berry, Sylvia Jeffries, and Amber Lynn Ashley.

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