Plot: Impulse Pictures’ 42 Street Forever series rolls on with this 34th volume, another collection of vintage adult loops. Over two hours of shorts are found on this release, with fifteen loops provided, each running under ten minutes in duration. In other words, these shorts get to business with little wasted time and focus on the money shots, often literally so. This volume splits the fifteen shorts into three categories, one with more traditional guy on girl sex, a group sex collection, and some lesbian reels, so a nice variety of action is on showcase here. As with the other installments I’ve seen, a wide assortment of performers are involved and you’ll recognize some of the talent, such as John Holmes and Vanessa del Rio. The loops are in decent condition for the most part, with none that are super rough, but there is some visible wear and debris, adding a seedy, grindhouse vibe at times. Some retro clothes and home decor spice things up, as do some odd moments and strange loops, with Where’s Poppa as one of the more unusual ones in this case. If you’re a fan of vintage porn, this 34th volume of 42nd Street Forever is recommended.

1. Lovely Rita: A lot of sensual apple eating takes place in this one. John Holmes stars and plunders all three holes of his costar in vivid fashion, including some awkward closeups of mid-sex facial expressions. The short ends when Mr. Holmes unloads his unit into her wine glass.

2. Bloody Mary: Opens with the powerful image of the looming silhouette of a large hanging penis, then John Holmes gets lovingly blown for a while. Turns into straight forward sex in a few positions and finishes with a facial, then some random scene of erotic art for a few seconds.

3. Teen Sucker: After a glance at some sheet music, we find a dude that wants to massage his girl’s butthole through her jeans, trying to seemingly put his entire foot up there at some points. She flips over, he starts stepping all over her pussy, then she has had enough and disrobes to masturbate. This moves to some oral and a couple sex positions, before the big finale.

4. Never Too Hot: A man uses hypnosis to score with a young woman, with a 69 on showcase and a couple of positions worth of sex. Pretty straight forward once the hypnosis intro completes.

5. Where’s Poppa: An old man chats with a young couple and witnesses some type of engagement scenario, but when the young man leaves, the old man steps up. He seduces the woman, who blows him and then fucks him, then she sucks him off to a half limp orgasm finale. But the fun doesn’t there, as then the old man urinates into her mouth, then we flash to a hearty cheer over drinks.

6. Tricky Jaws: A pair of couples are in adjacent rooms, which each set begins to indulge in some erotic enjoyment. Both couples engage in oral and some brief sex, then hurry to get dressed before joining each other for some kind of tea party. The couples never swap, just simultaneous sex in nearby rooms.

7. Minx: The first scene involves a man in loud clothes handcuffed to a nude woman, but it then turns into a double suck off, with two dicks mashed together in her mouth. After a lot of the dual dick treatment, we switch to a FMF threesome of sorts, with one girl massaging the guy’s balls and watching the sex from a close vantage point. Ends with the group reverting to two couples for more oral.

8. The Violation of a Meter Maid (Part 1): A man is displeased that he received a parking ticket, so he responds by dragging the meter maid into a nearby building, which is filled with half nude people wearing executioner masks. A second woman is dressed like Pocahontas and a double suck off begins, shifting into some light bondage play. Ends on an abrupt cliffhanger.

9. The Violation of a Meter Maid (Part 2): This short commences with some whipping, then segues into some oral and sex, including one reverse cowgirl where she is given a lift up by the executioners. A host of combinations of sexual activities follow, including some strap-on hijinks.

10. Triple Jaws: Begins in a very stylish apartment with three naked women in front of three nude men. This one goes full orgy, with naked bodies all over each other in all kinds of sexual escapades. Oral, anal, and vaginal sex abounds, with hands everywhere as the bodies intertwine. I think the tattoo covered guy must bust like ten nuts, quite a performance.

11. Lesbian Orgy: A lesbian threesome unfolds in a very stylishly decorated room, including a mint couch and a lavish wall treatment. All three women engage in some oral and over the top facial expressions.

12. Lesbian Maids: A maid services her mistress, with oral exchanges, some tandem masturbation, and even some dildo adventures.

13. The Geisha Princess: This one boasts some impressive production values, with good costumes and some set design elements in place. A servant girl works to please her mistress, with some oral attention and after some mutual rubbing, the mistress returns the favor.

14. Untitled: A fun start to this short, as two women in their bra & panties enjoy a smoke, with a Raggedy Ann doll between them. Perhaps this was the source of the Annabelle cursed doll? A plot twist reveals the doll has a penis and the women alternate between sucking the doll’s dick and enjoying each other’s bodies.

15: Cleopatra and the Black Tongue: The sensual enjoyment of a banana starts off us, with another short that has some good costumes and set design work involved. After her servant provides her with some oral pleasure, Cleopatra shows her appreciation in an enthusiastic display of lust.