Plot: A bad ass trailer can make a movie explode onto your radar, capturing your imagination about a new film or ramping up your excitement for one you’re already interested in. Umbrella Entertainment’s Drive-In Delirium series has taken the hype of trailers to the next level, collecting a wealth of the wildest, most over the top previews of all time. These discs offer a great way to revisit the trailers that dazzled you in the past or guide you to find all kinds of new movies to add to your watch list, thanks to the bonkers previews involved. With a Vengeance continues the series in grand style, with 157 trailers all sourced from high definition elements, not to mention vintage commercials and a slew of bonus trailers to boot.

Entertainment Value: What cinematic wonders are waiting to be unleashed in this gonzo assortment of genre film previews? Umbrella has split the trailers into two programs, one with a pre-show, the other a post-show piece, while an intermission bridges the divide. Cruise Control starts us off and delivers 79 trailers, with a focus on action, blaxploitation, and movies with memorable car chases or stunts. As you can imagine, this leads to some wildly fun previews, packed with set pieces, manic action, and of course, quotable one liners. These trailers run the gauntlet from gritty cops to ninjas to crime bosses to rednecks and beyond, so this is a colorful, super fun run of previews to experience. The second part is The Year We Make Contact, hosting 78 trailers with a wider scope of genres covered, so a mix of all kinds of movies can be found in this assortment. A lot of westerns are covered here, as well as sci/fi movies, some horror flicks, and yes even some swashbuckling is on board. I appreciated the variety on hand in this section, perhaps not as bananas as some of the other Drive-In Delirium volumes, but a lot of great trailers.

As with previous discs in the series, I love how well designed this release is, as Umbrella makes it easy to browse and find the trailers you’re after. Each trailer has a dedicated chapter break, so access is so simple and intuitive, with no delays getting to those crazed trailers you need. You can also just watch the entire sections of trailers, with brief intros and outros, in case you need hours of trailers in your eyeballs. I think this makes Drive-In Delirium a great party disc, as you can drop in and out, while the trailers will entertain anyone who needs a few minutes of distraction. The intros and outros contain old school commercials and promo spots, so it is quite cool, fitting in perfectly with the trailers. So if you appreciate trailers or want to fill up your wish list with wild movies to check out, Drive-In Delirium: With a Vengeance is well recommended.

The Disc: As I mentioned above, all of these trailers have been sourced from high definition materials and it shows, as the previews look quite good. Of course, with so many decades covered and the various budgets, source conditions, and ages involved, not all the trailers look pristine here. That is to be expected with this kind of variety and I think overall, the trailers presented look good and some benefit from a little grit, given the nature of the movies and all. So you will see some imperfections, but all things considered, Umbrella has come through for trailer fans with these treatments, as the general quality is quite high here. As a bonus, you can watch 90 minutes of additional trailers, sourced from what seems to be VHS style elements. A worthy extra, given that trailer fans will likely love to explore even more genre films and the reel is titled Son of VHS Delirium.

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