Plot: The long running 42nd Street Forever series continues with this 32nd installment of The Peep Show Collection. This disc houses almost two hours of vintage porn loops, each running under ten minutes in duration. So these shorts get to the point and waste no time, though some do take a little time to build some atmosphere, while others join with dicks already inserted. A wide scope of talent and content is available here, with some traditional guy on girl, girl on girl, and some group sex. I appreciated all of the period details you could pick up on, from the furniture to the visit to a carnival in one loop, very cool stuff, even beyond the sexy times. Impulse Pictures delivers solid treatments of these loops, though quality varies from movie to movie, with some being in good shape and others not so much. I think all are watchable, but the mannequin one Atomic Blast looks rough, to be sure. In short, if you appreciate vintage adult loops, this is a fun collection to pick up.

1. Sunrise Service: This loop features a wake up blowjob that turns into sex, with a couple different positions offered up. The guy sports an epic mustache and his lady has some wild, heavy makeup on.

2. Reluctant Virgin Part 1: This one starts off with a voyeuristic cat watching a guy manhandle a young woman, while the couple rolls around on what seems to be some remarkable shag carpet. The sex turns into a forceful blowjob, which allows the movie to focus on a closeup of the dude’s face for a while, as he makes some ridiculous and over the top facial expressions. The loop ends up with some gentle ball fondling.

3. Bad Ass: The loop opens on a dude with assless chaps on, so you know this one is bound to be good. His partner then oils up a little for a butt massage, then things turn to some girl on top sex, a given with the chaps and all. Soon anal is added to the mix, which leads to the big finish.

4. Love Spree: As the title suggests, this one has a more romantic slant, with a couple that just loves to kiss each other and smile. The kisses turn to an oral sex trade and of course, into a couple of sex positions. Straight forward, but a more tender take, which helps it stand out here.

5. Shelly Lucks Out: This one starts out with a woman rolling out her jukebox and basking in the sun, at least until the pool boy arrives. She scopes out his bulge and soon enough, he’s balls deep in her doggy style and soon, getting blown while sweating like a monsoon. He continues to just pour sweat all over before he finally finishes, then flashes the camera a sweat soaked smile.

6. Atomic Blast: A couple of mannequins come to life in this one, then start blowing a dude passing through. This leads to some threesome sex and some girl on girl is present in the flesh tangle. As the three engage in the lustful release, the rest of the mannequins look on, which is a little creepy, I think.

7. Shower Head: This one is called Shower Head because one of the swingers featured keeps a towel wrapped around her head the entire time. The three lovers indulge in some carnal feats in front of a gold fireplace and an exotic potted plant, with a lot of oral sex and a quick poke for each of the ladies.

8. French Pussy: Another threesome is uncorked here, only this time, a woman enjoys the company of two men. And yes, each of these studs is decked out in a competent mustache for the delight of all viewers. This one gets right down to business, with our lady pleasing her two guests, one with oral sex and the other via the magic of vagina, until both are satisfied.

9. Weisnbumms: I loved this loop, as it opened with some really cool footage of a carnival visit. This included our horny couples going on some rides and walking the midway, before retreating to a swinger’s den for the sex. Some girl on girl, followed by the two couples engaging in a lot of pussy eating, often in acrobatic or creative positions and angles.

10. Pepper’s Mix-Up: This one jumps right in, as we join a tag team session in process, with a woman taking on a dick at each end. Not a lot of bells or whistles here, one guy gets blown while the other pounds away, until the finish.

11. Hot Ass: A pair of cats are lavished with attention, but soon the felines make a break for it when their lesbian owners turn their attention toward each other. A brief oral interlude follows.

12. Vanessa Does Debbie: A bathtub romance unfolds in this loop, with some ass licking which leads into a couple of dildos up the ass. Not at the same time, however. But there is eventually double penetration with the toys, as one girl dual wields the pleasure devices in service to her partner.

13. Lick Me Clean: A fireplace welcomes us, then we’re taken to a fashionable sofa on rich, red carpet where two women sample each other’s sexual gifts. This includes one of the ladies tying her pussy lips in a knot, but luckily, that proves to be a simple barrier for her partner to pass. The two trade off oral favors, before the loop ends, leaving us forever jealous of that couch.

14. Pussy Love: We’re back in front of a fireplace, but this time, we have gold carpet and some red velvet style furniture. Two ladies pleasure each other here, with an exchange of oral and even a little ass licking.

15: Three Star Love: Two women play around in a bathtub, while a third presses her breasts against the glass shower door. Soon however, all three are in the tub and one woman enjoys the aquatic pleasures provided by the golden swan faucet, a true artistic statement. The women then end up in a tangle of flesh and carnal desires, until the loop ends.