Plot: A screen printing shop should be a place for creativity to flow, but instead, someone is unleashing bloodshed, rather than ink. The shop is home to a number of brands that make use of the facilities, so while it is a small group of potential suspects, no one seems be ruled out. A number of rivalries, colorful artists, and offbeat weirdos populate the crews within the shop, so everyone is looking over their shoulder these days, even the customers. Some clues have been left behind by the killer, notes written in blood, so there is a trail to follow and both a detective and a couple of amateur sleuths from the shop are looking for answers. Is the killer a disgruntled client out for revenge or is one of the printers trying to eliminate the competition?

Entertainment Value: If you appreciate over the top, ridiculous indie horror with some Troma inspired vibes, Silk Scream should be on your radar. The plot is familiar for horror fans, a straight forward stalk and slash affair, but the movie weaves in false leads and red herrings. I also think having nearly every character be a suspect helps in that regard, taking what could have been a well worn, predictable approach and keeping it kinetic and interesting. I wish I could say the same for the characters, most of whom are over the top and colorful, but don’t leave much of an impression. If Troma was the inspiration here, I think more wild antics and outlandish personas could have helped spike the punch a little. Even so, a nice blend of characters are here, hot girls, offbeat artists, straight up creeps, hipsters, and more, so Silk Scream offers up a diverse pool of potential victims. The movie mixes horror and humor, which is a hard recipe to get right and for the most part, it works well enough here. I didn’t find Silk Scream to be hilarious and some of the jokes crashed and burned, but even then, there’s that awkward kind of entertainment present. So as far as indie slashers go, this can be a fun one and so it earns a light recommendation.

A number of sex related scenes unfold here, some creepier than others, but just one topless sequence is uncorked in Silk Scream. This one makes sure to splash the red stuff around, with a solid body count and a steady flow of kills in most stretches. A good amount of it is aftermath rather than kinetic violence, but some of the kills are more active. I found a couple of the kills to be quite effective, even if not all that creative. The dialogue isn’t as wacky or outrageous as I’d like, but the movie does try to load up off the wall characters, so that helps. The two shop owners are a highlight of cringe, both in their creepiness and deadpan deliveries. I found their scenes to be the most awkward and unsettling, which isn’t a complaint, as the movie clearly intends them to be seen as douches, I think. So a few lines and there, some colorful characters, and a dialed turn or two, worth some points. As for craziness, the parade of twists and colorful characters help, but Silk Scream just doesn’t tune up the madness here. I would have loved to see this kind of narrative juiced up with some craziness, but there are enough moments here to move the needle a little.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 4/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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