Plot: A young couple (Buster Keaton & Sybil Seely) have just taken their vows and now, embark on the journey of married life. One generous gift received is a portable house, a do it yourself kit to build a home and as newlyweds, the couple does need a roof over their heads, of course. This seems like an ideal situation, just married and already have a home lined up, but the bride’s ex throws a wrench into the plan. He switches some of the parts in the box, so as the couple tries to build their new house, one thing after another goes haywire. Can the bride and groom figure out the kit and start off married life right, or will their honeymoon be a disaster?

Entertainment Value: One Week is a silent classic, a short that has some jaw dropping set pieces and the kind of special effects that put modern blockbusters to shame, all while the film is earning nearly constant laughs. I could rewatch this over and over, never tiring of Buster Keaton’s magic and if someone asks for recommendations of silent pictures, this is always one I suggest. The piece runs under half an hour, but weaves a series of simply unforgettable scenarios and the centerpiece is the full size house that takes our leads on one wild ride after another. Despite the fast pace and short duration, the movie is able to get across some good character development as well, so it isn’t just a series of skits or set pieces. Keaton shines, but just as memorable here is Sybil Seely, with both in peak level performances. I simply love this one, it is an absolute joy to watch and earns our highest recommendation.

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