Plot: Dr. Kratsch (Macha Magall) is a sadistic Nazi scientist who has created a hideous man monster, a human beast with animalistic instincts, a violent temper, and an insatiable lust that can’t be contained. She seeks to use this abomination to breed more controllable, but still powerful human beasts, which can then be used to further the goals of the Nazi forces. To that end, she throws various young women into the beast’s cage, which allows him to brutalize, torture, rape, and even kill his victims. But that is no problem for Dr. Kratsch, who just has her troops round up more unwilling patients from the local villages, to continue her experiments. But a small group of resistance fighters is also in the area and these commandos plan to storm Kratsch’s medical lab, then end the sick experiments once and for all.

Entertainment Value: This patchwork slice of Nazisploitation is inconsistent, but when it hits, The Beast in Heat is a wild ride. I didn’t love the resistance fighters side of the narrative, but the medical experiment segments were outlandish and more than balance things out. The man beast is simply an exploitation blessing, an insane character that just when you think he can’t get any crazier, starts to tear off tufts of pubic hair to feast on. I do think the tone is so strange that it winds up as unintentional humor, even in the more brutal moments, but entertainment is entertainment, right? I do wish the entire movie was focused on Dr. Kratsch and her man beast, as those scenes shine and when the films shifts gears, it loses steam. That’s not to say the rest of the movie is dull, as the soldiers’ story has some bright spots, but the man beast is so outrageous and Kratsch is an epic, sadistic character. You can tell those scenes were added to the existing footage to spruce up the experience, but you can’t really knock it, because the new scenes do indeed more or less salvage The Beast in Heat. I think there’s more than enough sleaze, outlandish moments, and general craziness to recommend this one, provided you appreciate Nazi themed exploitation cinema.

The sleaze quotient here is impressive, with a host of bare breasts and full bushes on showcase throughout. Not just some skin here and some flesh there either, but a steady flow of naked women that rarely slows down. The sex isn’t graphic, but the man beast rape scenes are unsettling and have a component of violence, making them even more outrageous. Not just violence, but sudden, unpredictable bursts of violence, blended with the sexual aggression. There’s also some man ass and even an instance of upside down ding dong, just to cap off the nakedness. The blood in this one looks cheap, but still delivers some wild moments. That includes the aforementioned bush scalping, in which the man beast just rips out handfuls of pubic hair, with flesh attached and devours the bounty he harvests. You also have some gun shot wounds, a wacky animal attack, and various other instances of violence to soak in. I had fun with the dialogue here, which is often mean spirited and hilarious, especially whenever Dr. Kratsch is involved. A number of quotable, over the top lines emerge in The Beast in Heat, so it earns some solid points. As for craziness, I mean the man beast and his pubic feast alone move the needle, but then you have the outrageous dialogue, skeet shooting using an infant, and a wild pistol to the snatch sequence. I wish the entire movie was as out of control as the man beast and Kratsch scenes, but there’s still some good wackiness here.

Nudity: 8/10

Blood: 5/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 7/10

The Disc: This wild ride is presented on Blu-ray by Severin Films, showcasing a new scan sourced from original negative elements. The print looks much better than expected, with only minor debris or damage present, which allows for a much sharper, cleaner visual presence here. There is some variance in how clean the print looks, but that is due to production methods, rather than this treatment. The colors look natural and contrast is solid, so no real concerns in this one. I have to think fans will be more than satisfied with this great new presentation. The extras start off with a half hour interview with author Stephen Thrower and the film’s theatrical trailer, then wraps up with a feature length documentary, Fascism on a Thread: The Strange Story of Nazisploitation Cinema, which is a fantastic inclusion. A host of insightful interviews pull the curtain back on the genre, adding immense value to this disc. The piece covers a good amount of ground and has a wealth of first hand genre veterans, including cast & crew members involved in the actual productions.

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