Plot: Harold (Harold Lloyd) has just inherited two million dollars, or at least he has almost inherited two million dollars. His dearly departed aunt has left him the windfall, but with a catch, as he needs to be married and have a family, otherwise he can’t collect the stack of cash. Of course, Harold has no wife or children, which means he needs to come up with a plan in a hurry or miss out on the inheritance. Even with some help from a beautiful woman and his best friend, can Harold find a way around the requirements and unlock a life of luxury?

Entertainment Value: This is about as packed with laughs as ten minutes can be, with Harold Lloyd unleashing his signature slapstick elements at a blistering pace, with little time to even breathe. I think it is impressive that Lloyd is able to not only get so many comedic set pieces into such a short duration, but he is also able to make those set pieces part of a coherent narrative. So while Lloyd could earn some laughs moving from one joke to the next, being able to craft a complete package like Bashful is remarkable, though given his talents, it is no surprise. Lloyd is hilarious as always, but he is joined by a crew of his regular costars who also deliver terrific performances. His chemistry with Bebe Daniels is fantastic and the two play off each other so well, while Snub Pollard, Bud Jamison, and William Blaisdell also make humorous appearances. I love how well this group works together and without question, the ensemble as a whole makes the best out of the material. I can’t recommend Bashful enough, as I think it is a masterful, always hilarious short.


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