Plot: A hapless stagehand (Larry Semon) tries to keep order in a theater, but runs into one problem after another. A group tries to sneak in without paying, a rooster gets into some nitro glycerin, unsupervised props go haywire, and a task to guard some makeup takes a delicious turn. These are just some of the chaotic things that unfold as he tries to keep up, but of course, he often makes things worse in the process.

Entertainment Value: The Show is a twenty minute short from Larry Semon, who not only stars in the lead role, but also helped write and direct the piece. I think it is a passable short, as it provides some laughs and doesn’t ask for a lot of your time, but for those who have seen a lot of Semon’s work, it does repeat a lot of jokes. I haven’t seen a wealth of his work, but even I could see some of the same gags popping up, which does lessen the experience. Semon is fun to watch though and there are some good laughs, so The Show is a solid watch. I will say it has some politically incorrect moments, but that is all too common in the time this was made. In addition to Semon, we have Oliver Hardy on hand as a heavy, which adds more interest. I can’t praise it much, but for fans of Semon or Hardy, it is worth a peek.

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