Plot: After a nervous breakdown, author John decides his next book should be written under serene conditions, to allow his creative energies to flow, but not at the cost of his own mental health. The writer ventures to a rural locale to unwind and while he plans to flex his creative muscles, his wife has other things in mind. His typewriter is abandoned as the two engage in some lustful activities, but things take an unexpected turn when the couple meets one of their neighbors. The two encounter a young woman who fancies herself a student of occult and after she loans John a book on the topic, his mind is consumed with erotic visions. Soon a torrent of rituals, fever dreams, and sex is unleashed and John is swept into the middle of it all…

Entertainment Value: The Satanist offers up an odd, occult driven sexploitation ride, the kind of you’d expect from the Something Weird vaults. The narrative is thin, with the movie made up of a series of sex scenes, with some light ritualistic elements and the rare exposition fueled scene to round it out. Our narrator guides the entire movie and he is quite humorous, with a deadpan delivery and some questionable pronunciations. Even in the scenes where sex or the occult are the focus, our narrator shows no emotion or reaction, just monotone and wooden, great stuff. Or at least I thought so, as I appreciate how the stilted narration made the already offbeat vibe of The Satanist even more entrenched in b movie weirdness. The emphasis is on bare breasts though, not the occult or the strange potential of the narrative, though the finale does ramp up on those elements somewhat. At barely over an hour, The Satanist doesn’t ask much and delivers some nakedness, ritualistic touches, and an odd finale, so for cult film fans, I think it is worth a recommendation.

This one has a lot of naked flesh, as most scenes showcase naked women and the camera isn’t shy about it at all. The sex is rather tame, with no graphic nudity or what not, unless you consider rampant back hair to be graphic. You’ll see some naked asses and a wealth of bare breasts, like a veritable parade of extended topless scenes. Almost every scene has at least one woman with her tits out, so The Satanist might not be super sleazy, but it has skin around every corner. No blood. The horror elements are limited to the occult vibes here, so no violence or bloodshed on hand. But we do have the bizarre goat thing in one scene, that is fantastic and looks outlandish. The dialogue is limited to our trusty narrator, but as I mentioned before, he is quite a hoot at times. The emotionless line delivery adds some humor to almost all the scenes, while some odd cadences and pronunciations bolster the camp value as well. Not a tidal wave of fun stuff, but the narrator is a quirky bit of fun that adds to the good times here. The potential for craziness in The Satanist is high, but the end result doesn’t deliver all that much wild or over the top stuff. The film gets wackier as it progresses, especially once the rituals start, but don’t expect chaos or madness from this one.

Nudity: 5/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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