Plot: Ginger (Harold Lloyd) is excited to take in a baseball game with his girl (Bebe Daniels), but his plans are dashed at the last minute. His rival Snitch (Snub Pollard) steals the tickets and his girl, escorting her to the game, while Ginger is left with no ticket and on the outside of the baseball contest. When Ginger resorts to a desperate plot that involves posing as one of the players to get inside the game, will he wind up in way over his head?

Entertainment Value: This Harold Lloyd short is indeed quite short, with just about a five minute run time. Those five minutes are put to good use however, with a breakneck pace and wall to wall laughs, in the usual Lloyd fashion. Over the Fence manages to work in slapstick, some sports humor, and light romance, which is a tall order with such limited time to work with. In addition to Lloyd’s lead performance, the short also features a number of regulars, from Bebe Daniels to Snub Pollard to Bud Jamison, several familiar faces in this one. A testament to Lloyd’s comedic genius, Over the Fence might only run for a few minutes, but it delivers a full serving of laughs and silent film fans should have fun here.

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